Doctors for Firearm Safety Says Members Face Workplace Pressure — Canada’s Doctors for Firearm Safety & Responsibility said its members face pressure from colleagues in what could be viewed as workplace harassment.

The group includes Gregory Mosdossy and Rida Mirza, who criticized a registered lobby group of doctors campaigning to criminalize safe and responsible firearm users and ban their guns.

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The Doctors for Firearm Safety & Responsibility published the following comments June 4 in a thread of four messages on Twitter.

They didn’t respond immediately to an e-mailed request for more information today from

By Doctors for Firearm Safety & Responsibility
Twitter, 04 June 2019

Recently members of our group have come under pressure from hospital administrators to tone down comments in support of fact based, common sense conversation surrounding firearms and firearms policy in Canada.

Some of our members have been told their comments could negatively affect funding for their hospital or difficulties could arise getting peer-reviewed articles published.

Perhaps most concerning is some of our members have receivied threats on social media in their DM’s.

Our members want the same thing as all Canadians and our colleagues – safer streets and communities. We differ with some on the evidence and we feel threats and intimidation of any kind are counterproductive to this very important discussion.

While we find these tactics to be concerning, we thank those who have supported, shared, and commented on our posts. We will continue to provide our expertise in this conversation.