Jordan Peterson Shares Video of His Daughter at the Gun Range — Jordan Peterson, the Canadian professor of psychology and supporter of gun rights, shared a video this week of his daughter Mikhaila at a shooting range. It comes as his latest encouraging message for the gun community as the government prepares a new crackdown.

“Mikhaila, my daughter, beneficiary and exponent of the carnivore diet (see ), experiencing the recoil of a 50 caliber rifle:,” Peterson said Jan. 15 on Twitter.

The message links to the Instagram video below of his daughter firing what appears to be a Steyr HS .50 bolt-action rifle at Budapest Shooting, an indoor target range about five blocks from the opera house in the capital city of Hungary. The .50 BMG ammunition cartridge is the size of a thick marker and the most-powerful round commonly available.

“Awesome,” Mikhaila Peterson said on Instagram.

(It’s impossible to watch the video without sharing her smile, and maybe a bit of her jolt.)

The Jan. 9 video post had more than 4,300 “likes” and almost 27,000 views as of 9:15 a.m. Toronto time today.

Hunting, Target Shooting

Hunting is at the heart of Canadian heritage, and target shooting is one of the country’s safest and most-popular sports. More men and women have a police-approved gun licence than play hockey, football, soccer or who ski. Millions of unlicensed family and friends also shoot safely and responsibly under their supervision.

Jordan Peterson has said he grew up in a hunting culture and that “the right to bear arms is one of the markers of a free society.”

Bans for Votes

The Canadian government is preparing a new law to further restrict federally licensed hunters, farmers and sport shooters by making it harder for them to buy, sell, own and transport firearms. It’s also examining a “full ban” on pistols, revolvers and many rifles and shotguns to win re-election this year.

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