Almost a Third of Canadians Oppose Handgun Ban: CTV-Nanos Poll — Almost a third of Canadians oppose a ban on handguns, according to a poll by Nanos Research for CTV News.

The opinion survey ran Aug. 25-27, ending the day before the prime minister asked for an examination of a “full ban on handguns and assault weapons.”

CTV News made the findings public today, publishing a news report and detailed results.

The poll asked several questions, including:

Handguns are currently restricted in Canada, would you support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose or oppose a total ban on handgun ownership by anyone other than police and other security professionals?


  • Support: 48%
  • Somewhat support: 19%
  • Somewhat oppose: 10%
  • Oppose: 21%
  • Unsure: 3%

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