GAT Show Shoot-Before-You-Buy Runs This Weekend at Silverdale

11 Aug 2018

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GAT Show — The Guns And Tactical (GAT) Show is running this weekend at Silverdale Gun Club in southwestern Ontario as the first shoot-before-you-buy event of its kind. Here’s a rundown of the details.




  • Friday Aug. 10 – Sunday Aug. 12


  • Adults: $20 cash + buy ammo
  • Youth (14-17): $10 cash + buy ammo
  • 13 and Younger: Free entrance + buy ammo

Who Can Attend

  • Open to the public and media.
  • No firearm licence (PAL) required.

What to Expect

Sample of What You Can Shoot (Alphabetical)

  • Bersa Thunder 9 Pro pistol
  • BRS 99 Polish Uzi
  • Cadex Kraken precision rifle
  • Glock 19X 9 mm pistol
  • Jard J68 bullpup 9 mm rifle that takes Glock mags
  • MKA 1919, AR-15-ish 12-gauge shotgun
  • Sako TRG-22 precision rifle
  • SAP6 12-gauge shotgun
  • SIG Sauer 1911, P226, P320, X-Five, M400, 716, MPX
  • Type 81 rifle, “Non-restricted” Chinese AK-47-ish rifle
  • WK180-C, “Non-restricted” AR-15-ish rifle for under $1,000



  • Big Rock Sports
  • Glock
  • Lanz Shooting Supplies
  • O’Dell Engineering
  • SIG Sauer
  • Tactical Imports

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