TACCOM: 6,000+ People to Attend Tactical & Sport-Shooting Show

TheGunBlog.ca — Firearms Outlet Canada Inc. said more than 6,000 people will attend this weekend’s Tactical & Competitive Shooting Sports Show, the first event of its kind in Canada.

The free expo is meant to help shooters and the general public learn about guns and gear, and about 10 people a minute were signing up after the company announced the event on Feb. 15. Taccom, as the show is called, is being held at Firearms Outlet Canada’s new store and shooting range in Ajax, about 45 km east of downtown Toronto.

The “exploding” popularity of sport shooting means people will be flying in from across the country to attend and handle products from the world’s leading makers of firearms and related equipment, from Aimpoint sights and Benelli shotguns to Glock pistols and Tikka rifles.

“We will have over 6,000+ people coming to this event over the 2 days,” Fred Pellegrino, the store owner, said today in an e-mail to media. “It’s going to be real busy, like you won’t believe.”

Canada has more adults with gun licences than the number who play hockey, making shooting one of the country’s most-popular sporting activities. Despite millions of men, women and youth who safely and responsibly manage more than 10 million firearms, yesterday the government proposed a new law to limit our rights.

Taccom coincides with the official opening of Firearms Outlet Canada in its new space, and the Ajax mayor and elected officials from provincial and federal parliament will participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Pellegrino said.

See you there!

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