Why Is Quebec Helping Thieves, Rapists and Murderers?

If Dave Young’s letter to Canada’s Minister of Public Safety is true, then Quebec is handing us over to home invaders, thieves, rapists and murderers.

Young is the founder, owner and manager of the Canadian Academy of Practical Shooting Inc., which since 1999 has been training soldiers, police officers, armed guards and private civilians to defend themselves with firearms. According to Young, based near Montreal, while renewing his business licence on Feb. 3, the Chief Firearms Office of Quebec said it was shutting him down.

“They explained to me that self-defence was not an approved purpose for a civilian owning a firearm and as such training in the defensive use of firearms is not approved on any range under their control,” Young said in a letter to Minister Steven Blaney on Feb. 19 and published on the Facebook page of Canada’s National Firearms Association.

“They also stated that teaching use of force without actually being a lawyer could result in charges,” Young said.

“They made a point of explaining to me that they prosecute any person who removes a restricted weapon from storage to defend themselves regardless of circumstances,” Young said. Canada puts guns into three categories, with most handguns and some rifles being classified as “Restricted.”

This isn’t simply a concern for people living in Quebec, home to almost one-fourth of Canada’s population. It affects anyone who wants to learn to protect themselves with a firearm. While many instructors teach armed self-defence in the U.S., Young said his training “is virtually impossible for a civilian to acquire anywhere in Canada.”

By acting to prevent us from defending ourselves and even from learning to defend ourselves, the Chief Firearms Office of Quebec is making sure that criminals go unopposed when they break into our homes to steal, rape and murder.

Canada’s firearm laws created a Chief Firearms Office in every province as an unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy.

We urgently need better firearm laws, and civil servants who act to protect us instead of acting to get us robbed, raped and killed.

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