Kevin O’Leary Changed His Opinion of AR-15, CSSA Reports

Kevin O’Leary changed his opinion of the AR-15 after having angered many shooters last year when he said that automatic versions of the popular rifle were used only to kill and should be banned.

O’Leary, one of the leading candidates running to head the Conservative Party of Canada, also said he would repeal the unjust and convoluted Firearms Act if he won the party vote and were then elected prime minister, the Canadian Shooting Sports Association said today in a newsletter. He joins at least three other candidates in pledging to scrap the flawed law.

I’m happy to see the change in words and thrilled that the CSSA is so effective at educating and converting people. I’m also continuing to support a different candidate.

Here’s part of what the Canadian Shooting Sports Association said (bold in original):

Mr. O’Leary said he had tried to read the Act. “It is 144 pages of incomprehensible gibberish” he stated. “If I am elected, I will repeal the entire Firearms Act and replace it with sensible laws Canadians can understand.”

Mr. O’Leary admitted he had made some erroneous comments regarding AR15s but has since changed his position on these firearms. “The AR15 is just a rifle, one of the most common hunting firearms in the world. The unjust restrictions on these ordinary firearms will be changed to permit them to be used for hunting,” said O’Leary.

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