Gun Snippets From Conservative Leadership Debate in Halifax

The following are snippets related to guns from the Conservative Party of Canada leadership “debate” (more of a Q&A) in Halifax on Feb. 4.

The candidates covered topics from the economy to health to air pollution to jabs at Kevin O’Leary. Many considerations go into picking the party’s next leader, who may become prime minister. These were the few comments about firearms, shooting and personal protection.

Here is a CBC News video of the debate on YouTube.

Michael Chong, speaking about Kevin O’Leary: “We have a candidate who thinks he’s Rambo, who videotaped himself letting loose on a machine gun in Miami, and then had the audacity to post that video on the very same day we were burying the victims of one of the worst mass shootings in Canadian history. That might scratch an itch, but that video will cost us the next election.” (1:56:49 in the video)

Kellie Leitch. She repeated her pledge of “making sure women are empowered with pepper spray so they can defend themselves.” (1:48:42 in the video) Some in the audience laughed after she said that, for reasons unknown to me.

Kevin O’Leary. Silent about guns, shooters and shooting at this debate. His past comments should guarantee that Conservative gun owners, shooters and hunters vote for any candidate except him.

Brad Trost. “I’ve stood up for the rights of firearms owners, and I think we need to finish the job and repeal the final elements of Bill C-68.” (at 1:50:55 in the video). Bill C-68 is the Firearms Act.

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