If Moncton and Ottawa Amateurs Created So Much Chaos, What If We’re Attacked by Professionals?

When we see how a single ill-equipped, untrained and unorganized person can create mayhem across a city and overwhelm police for hours, it’s scary to imagine the chaos that a well-equipped, well-trained and well-organized group could cause.

A year ago today, Moncton, New Brunswick, was shut down for 30 hours after a guy with an M14-type rifle and Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun ran around shooting police in one of the city’s suburbs. (See this video recap by The Globe and Mail.) On Oct. 22, 2014, Ottawa was shut down after a man with an 8-round .30-30 lever-action rifle shot a symbolic soldier on parliament hill and walked into a government building.

I weep when I think of the deaths of that soldier and those police officers.

I worry when I think of what would happen under a serious attack.

If an amateur can overwhelm police and shut down an entire city, what happens if we’re attacked by professionals?


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