I Just Caught a Severe Case of Gear-Itis

I just caught a severe case of gear-itis. Gear overload. Gear overwhelm.

I’m going to an AR-15 clinic tomorrow, and went to prepare the car.

It has turned into a giant gear box!

Ammo can, second ammo can, holsters, magazine pouches, belts, spotting scope, tactical vest, targets, stapler, tool kits, cleaning kits, gun solvent, knee pads, gloves, gloves, more gloves, range bag (ear muffs, more gloves!?!?, safety glasses, pen, paper, batteries), light fleece, heavy fleece, windbreaker, small rain poncho, big rain poncho/ground sheet, winter boots, rain boots. Plus the standard car stuff: jumper cables, first-aid kit, water, windshield-washer fluid. Plus Gatorade and Mojo bars.

My storage locker has turned into a gear box: tools, gun cases, more tactical vests, more ear muffs, more gloves, tactical bags, more gun cleaner, bipod, ammo cans.

Ask my girlfriend, and she’ll tell you the apartment has turned into a gear box.

I usually lust after gear and drool with envy when I see photos of guys with giant gun safes and gun rooms filled with shooting and tactical supplies. CandianGunNutz.com recently showed a Man Cave Contest. Oooh-Ahhh.

Compared to them, I’m a featherweight!

Maybe I could limit myself to one pistol (Glock 17), one rifle (AR-15), one shotgun (Remington 870).

Uhhh … No, thanks! I’m way too greedy and curious for that.

I like the idea of minimalism, and being able to carry all of my gear in a single bag. But that’s totally unrealistic for anyone who shoots several firearms in several calibers in several seasons for several reasons.

I don’t know quite how, but it’s time to simplify.

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