Rodger Kotanko

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2022 March 07

– Interview: Allan Harding, Canadian National Pistol Champion (Video)
– CSSA: Jean Charest Is No Friend to Canada’s Firearm Owners
– Mendicino Is Doing a Canada-Wide Anti-Gun Tour
– Canada Gun Imports Almost Double in January 2022 Vs. 2021
– Rodger Kotanko Family Challenges SIU Report Clearing Policeman Who Killed Gunsmith
– Statistics Canada Briefs SECU on Criminals Who Use Guns and Ammo
– NSSF: Canada’S Heavy-Handed Trucker Response Foreshadows Gun Confiscations

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2022 February 28

– Mendicino Plans New Anti-Gun Law ‘Soon,’ Maybe More Bans By OIC
– Liberals May Ask Gun Owners to Mail-In Our Confiscated Gear, Tracey Wilson Reports
– Policeman Who Killed Rodger Kotanko Shot Him in Self-Defence, SIU Says
– Public Safety Canada’s 2022-23 Plan Suggests Trudeau to Extend Deadline for Gun Confiscations
– Interview With Donovan Dewis of Canadian Access To Firearms (Video)