Why and How I Applied for a Section 74 Hearing: CameronSS

(Update Aug. 12: We are updating the How to File section as we get more information.) TheGunBlog.ca — Canadians are going to court to fight the governing Liberal Party and federal police’s mass firearm confiscations targeting hunters, farmers, sport shooters and collectors. Following is a Q&A with “CameronSS” on why and how they applied for…


Dante Owner Rudy Venditelli Comments on Business, Confiscations

TheGunBlog.ca — Rudy Venditelli, the owner of Dante Inc., one of Canada’s biggest independent gun stores, comments below on business, the market outlook, and the effects of the governing Liberal Party’s May 1 firearm-confiscation order. TheGunBlog.ca edited the interview from a series of e-mail and phone conversations from May until now. Venditelli, who took over…

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Federal Court Holds First Meeting With Teams Fighting Gun Bans

Newest Update: Aug. 02

TheGunBlog.ca — The five teams fighting the governing Liberal Party of Canada’s gun-confiscation order in federal court had their first meeting with the Federal Court today.

Includes downloadable motions to intervene from:
– Canadian Taxpayers Federation
– National Firearms Association
– Coalition for Gun Control


Liberal ‘Grandfathering’ Is Concealed Confiscation: Rick Hemmingson

TheGunBlog.ca — The Liberal Party of Canada uses the term “grandfathering” to conceal the reality of their instant gun prohibitions, according to from Rick Hemmingson, a lawyer swith Hemmingson Law in Lacombe, Alberta. Hemmingson e-mailed TheGunBlog.ca yesterday evening in response to our report: Liberals Plan ‘Grandfathering’ Under Bans: Minister of Justice. An early version of…

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Canadian Gun Owners Fail Again to Show Up for Conservative Party

TheGunBlog.ca — Every political party in Canada’s parliament is working to eliminate or further restrict private firearm ownership, except one: the Conservative Party. It’s beyond disheartening that the country’s millions of gun users failed again to support the party and the candidates running to lead it. Conservative Leadership Election Party HQ said July 14 it…

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Conservative Leadership Election: Quick Take Before Next Week’s Debates

TheGunBlog.ca — Here’s an update and analysis of the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership election, and what it means for gun owners.

Update June 14: An analysis published June 14 by Macleans shows Liberals winning a majority as Conservative support falls.

Trudeau Just Killed My Trust in Government, the RCMP and the Law

TheGunBlog.ca — Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,   I’ll always remember May 01, 2020. It’s the day you set me free.   I trusted our system of government and our parliamentary democracy. On May 01, 2020, you showed me my mistake and set me free.   I trusted the RCMP, I believed they worked to…

Canada’s Booming Demand for Guns Is Amazing, And Has Drawbacks

TheGunBlog.ca — We may not like the cause, but the boom in demand for guns from the Covid-19 crisis is doing more for Canada’s firearm industry, gun culture and “gun rights” than anything else in modern times. It also comes with drawbacks, besides the mass death, infection and economic devastation from the virus and the…