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Canada Gun News: Week of 2022 January 24
Canada Gun News: Week of 2022 January 17
Court Win: Judge Sides With Gun Owners, Allows Hearings to Fight Trudeau’s May 2020 Attacks
Canada Gun News: Week of 2022 January 10
Court Orders ‘All Info’ on RCMP Algorithm for Attacking Gun Owners
Canada Gun News: Week of 2022 January 03
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 December 27
Beretta Group Canada Sees ‘Fantastic’ 2021 Gun Sales Continuing to 2022
Silvercore Owner Travis Bader: Conversation ‘Swapcast’ (Video)
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 December 20
Almost 100% of Gun Owners Have So Far Rejected Trudeau’s Confiscations, iPolitics Reports
RCMP Says Government Still Working on May 2020 Mass Gun Confiscations
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 December 13
Beretta Group Canada Interview, With Spyros Chrysochou (Video)
Trudeau Tells Mendicino in Mandate Letter to Further Suppress Gun Owners
Canadians Bought 30,000 AR-15 Target Rifles in Lead-Up to Trudeau’s May 2020 Attacks
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 December 06
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 November 29
Government Estimates Its May 2020 Crackdown on Licensed Gun Owners Affects 150,000 Firearms
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 November 22
Liberal ‘Throne Speech’ Reiterates Aim to Criminalize Gun Owners
NFA Past President Sheldon Clare Interview (Video)
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 November 15
RCMP Says It Still Has 4-Month Delay Processing New Gun Licences
Rodger Kotanko Family and Lawyer Brief Media on His Killing By Toronto Police
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 November 08
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 November 01
Canada Gun Imports Rise 25% in January – September, Led By Shotguns From Italy
What Is a Hunting Firearm? Video Chat With OFAH’s Matt DeMille on His New Report to Federal Court
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 October 25
Trudeau Names Marco Mendicino as New Minister Against Gun Owners
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 October 18
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 October 11
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 October 04
Government Q&A on Bill C-71 Delays, IBM Gun-Confiscation Contract Extension, And More
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 September 27
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 September 20
Federal Court Hearing to Stop Liberal Attacks Will Miss April Deadline
FSESO: Firearm Instructors in Ontario Have a Superb New Website
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 September 13
Takeaways About Canadian Gun Owners From Environics Report for the Liberals
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 September 06
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 August 30
Election 2021: Liberals Promise New Crackdowns on Licensed Gun Owners
Most Canadians, Especially Liberal Voters, Want to Criminalize All Gun Owners, Leger Poll Shows
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 August 23
Alberta Names Gun-Rights Advocate Teri Bryant as Chief Firearms Officer
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 August 16
Election 2021: Bleak Outlook for Canadian Gun Owners
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 August 09
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 August 02
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 July 26
The ‘Public Safety’ Lie (And Some Personal Safety Truths)
Liberals Air New Video Ads in Campaign Against Gun Owners As Election Looms
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 July 19
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 July 12
Ontario CFO’s Trahan Comments on Lifetime Background Checks, ATTs
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 July 05
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 June 28
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 June 21
Factoids on Gun Users and Businesses From This Week’s Canada Gazette on Bill C-71
Bill C-71 Will Take Effect From July to September, Blair Says; Outlines New Restrictions
Fathers and Firearms: Happy Father’s Day!
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 June 14
Government Comments on Activating Bill C-71 This Year, Planned Gun-Storage Laws
Liberals Refuse Federal Court Order to Give Evidence for May 2020 Attacks
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 June 07
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 May 31
Federal Court Orders Liberals to Hand Over Evidence for May 2020 Attacks
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 May 24
Canpar, Loomis Stop Shipping Guns and Ammo in Shock to Industry
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 May 17
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 May 10
Federal Court Decision on FRT Motion Is ‘Really Positive’: Lawyer Thomas Slade
RCMP Responds to Reports It’s Misusing ‘Long-Gun Registry’ Data
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 May 03
Canadian Military Picks SIG P320 As Its New Pistol, Invites Bids
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 April 26
Alberta Minister of Justice’s Office Comments on Plans for New CFO
‘The Gun Chase’ By CityTV: Analysis
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 April 19
Alberta Is in ‘Final Stages’ of Naming New CFO After Law to Block Handgun Bans
Blair’s Office Says Estimating Gun-Confiscation Costs ‘Underway’
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 April 12
RCMP Q&A on February 26 ‘Nullification' Notice to 1,865 More Gun Owners
RCMP Provides 2020 Data on Gun Licences and Registrations
Gun Licences Fell in 2020 for First Time in a Decade on Covid-19
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 April 05
Five Points Gun Owners Get Wrong About the Liberal+RCMP Attacks
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 March 29
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 March 22
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 March 15
Bill C-21 Is ‘Harmful’ to Olympics, Shooting Federation of Canada Tells Blair
Canadian Firearms Safety Course Sets New Download Record at Publications Canada
Section 74: Court Sets First Hearing to Review ‘Nullifications’
RCMP Invites Gun Stores to Apply as Gun Destroyers
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 March 08
Government Says Bill C-21 Storage Rules Target All Gun Owners
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 March 01
These 15 Memos to Blair Show Gun-Policy Plans, Talking Points
Bill C-21: Blair Outlines New Rules for Handgun Safes, Insurance
Handgun Ban Would Be ‘Absolute Monster’ to Run: Regina Police Chief
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 February 22
‘Frankly Frickin Ridiculous’: Stubbs Confronts Blair on Bill C-21
O’Toole Pledges to Repeal Trudeau’s Attacks Against Gun Owners as PM
Government Responds to How Bill C-21 Relates to Bill C-22 on Guns
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 February 15
Government Comments on Planned Rules for Gun Storage and Tracing
Trudeau Files Bill C-21 as New Law to Criminalize Gun Owners
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 February 08
Edward Burlew Files First Section 74 Appeal for Group Fighting ‘Nullifications’
Blair May File New Anti-Gun Law on Feb. 16, House Agenda Shows
Federal Court Dismisses Injunction Motions to Stop Liberal+RCMP Attacks
RCMP Outlines Canadian Firearms Program 2.0 to Improve Online Services
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 February 01
Canada Guns 2020, Part 2: Firearm Import Highlights and Analysis
Canada Guns 2020, Part 1: Five Factors That Defined the Market
Self-Defence: Highlights From Ontario Court Acquittal in Fatal Shooting
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 January 25
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 January 18
Blair’s Office Reiterates Gun Policy Plans After Supplementary Mandate Letter
Glock Canada’s Cassells Comments on Record 2020, Plans for 2021
Glock Canada Sales Rise to Annual Record; New Models for 2021
Federal Court Hears Injunction Motions to Stop Liberal-RCMP Crackdown
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 January 11
Dennis Young In His Own Words: Q&A From 2018
Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 January 04
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 December 28
Most Viewed Articles in Fourth Quarter, Full Year 2020
RCMP Q&A on Section 74 Applications, ‘Nullification,’ OIC Costs
IBM Canada Wins Contract to Work on Mass Gun Confiscations
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 December 21
Attorney General of Canada Responds in Section 74 Application: PDF
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 December 14
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 December 07
Liberals Aim to Confiscate 150,000 Rifles and Shotguns, They Tell Stubbs
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 November 30
Blair’s Office Outlines Next Steps Against Gun Owners (Correction)
Greg Dunn Q&A After Winning Stark Court Case on ‘Nullification’
Court Win: Judge Sides With Gun Owners on ‘Nullification’ Notices
Alberta CFO Sent This Letter to ATRS Ordering Business Shutdown
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 November 23
ATRS Sues RCMP, Alberta CFO Staff for $70 Million in Gun-Confiscation Damages (Correction)
Bill Blair Says Mass Gun Confiscations Won’t Be Run By Police; Ministry Q&A
RCMP Q&A: Backlog for New Gun Licences Rises to 4 Months, 32,000
RCMP Union’s Pete Merrifield Comments on Opposition to Liberal Attacks
RCMP Labour Union Opposes Liberal-RCMP Mass Gun Confiscations
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 November 16
Special Gift-Discount: Copy of Today’s E-Mail to Members
Canada Risks More Shortages of Guns and Ammo, Suppliers Say
Ministry Hires Gun-Confiscation Project Manager, Gets One Bid for Revised Tender
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 November 09
Alberta Asks Gun Owners for Input to Block Liberal-RCMP Attacks
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 November 02
Canada Rifle Imports Rise, on Course for First Annual Gain in 3 Years
Blair at SECU: New ‘Evergreen Process’ to Prohibit Guns, ‘Red-Flag Regime,’ SKS
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 October 26
Ontario CFO Comments on June Memo to Provincial Ministry After FRT Changes
Over 120 Gun Owners Are in Provincial Court Fighting the Liberal-RCMP Attacks
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 October 19
‘Red-Flag’ Abuse: Police Raid ‘Kassandra’ and Take Away Her Guns
CMAJ Corrects Report to Disclose Doctors’ Links to Anti-Gun Lobby
RCMP Declines to Specify Who Nullified Gun-Registration Certificates, and How
Ministry Comments on Revised Call for Bids for Gun-Confiscation Contract
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 October 12
Liberals Revise Gun-Confiscation Contract and Invite New Bidders
Government Wrote Firearm Laws With Coalition for Gun Control: 1996 Memo
Murray Smith, RCMP FRT Ex-Chief, Helps Liberals and RCMP Suppress Gun Owners
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 October 05
Ministry Comments on New Search for Gun Confiscation Project Manager
RCMP Sent This Memo to CFOs on Nullification of Gun Registrations
Federal Court Cases Split on Seeking Injunction to Stop Liberal Attacks
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 September 28
Ministry Declines to Say If Nobody Bid for Confiscation Contract
Most Viewed Articles in Third Quarter, First Nine Months 2020
New Brunswick Court Says ‘No Jurisdiction’ to Review May 1 Nullifications
Ministry Says It’s Revising Bid for Confiscation Work After Failed Tender
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 September 21
Liberals Reiterate Goal to Eliminate Handguns Via Municipalities
NFA Buys Full-Page Ad in The Hill Times to Tell MPs: ‘We Vote’
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 September 14
Liberals Refuse to Supply Court With Documents for Confiscations
Government Defers ‘Firearms Marking Regulations’ Beyond Dec. 1
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 September 07
CCFR ‘Integrity March’ Is Largest Gun-Rights Rally in a Generation
Ministry Comments on Tasks, Scope of Gun-Confiscation Contract
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 August 31
Hardly Anyone Sought Section 74 Hearings on July 20 Notice: RCMP
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 August 24
Green Party’s Amita Kuttner Seeks Better Justice for Gun Owners
Alberta’s Kenney Wants New Chief Firearms Officer to Stop Liberals
Federal Court Update: Today’s Meeting, Arkadi Bouchelev Q&A on Injunction
Erin O’Toole Wins Conservative Party Leadership in Final Round
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 August 17
National Competitor Nils Ek Q&A: Why I Took the Liberals to Court
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 August 10
Self-Defence Shooting: Supreme Court of Canada to Hear New Case
Black Creek Labs Owner Rob MacIntyre Q&A: Business, NEA, PX19
Hipwell Lawyer Files 2,358 Pages of Evidence for Federal Court Fight
Liberals Invite 15 Companies to Bid for Mass Gun Confiscations
Court Refuses to Provide Section 74 Hearing Application Form
Why and How I Applied for a Section 74 Hearing: CameronSS
RCMP Plays Politics on Gun Confiscations By Payoff Vs. Lockup
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 August 03
Black Creek Labs Plans PX19 as New Pistol Made In Canada
OFAH’s Brian McRae Discusses Municipal Firearm By-Laws: Q&A
Gun Imports Slump 23% in Second Quarter 2020 Vs. 2019
Huntsville, Ontario, Plans Firearm By-Law; OFAH’s McRae Responds
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 July 27
RCMP Responds to Questions on 20 July 2020 Nullification Notice
Dante Owner Rudy Venditelli Comments on Business, Confiscations
Federal Court Holds First Meeting With Teams Fighting Gun Bans
Ontario CFO’s Trahan Comments on Firearm Transfer Time, Quantity
Saskatchewan Smashes Liberal Anti-Gun Bias in Naming Freberg CFO
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 July 20
Glock Expects Canadian G45 in Late 2020, Seeks More Local Models
Human Rights Commission Rejects Complaints That Gun-Ban Order Is Racist
Liberal ‘Grandfathering’ Is Concealed Confiscation: Rick Hemmingson
Liberals Plan ‘Grandfathering’ Under Bans: Minister of Justice
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 July 13
Canadian Gun Owners Fail Again to Show Up for Conservative Party
Cold Lake, Alberta, Asks Towns to Fight Gun-Confiscation Order
Gun Policies of Conservative Party Leadership Candidates 2020
Christine Generoux Is Her Own Lawyer in Lawsuit to Stop Gun Bans
RCMP Comments on Prohibiting Derya MK-12 Shotgun as AR-15 Variant
CCFR Lawsuit Backed By Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 July 06
RCMP Draws Guns on Less Than 0.1% of Calls, Use-of-Force Data Show
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 June 29
Most Viewed Articles in Second Quarter, First Half 2020
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 June 22
Why You Should Never Call Yourself a ‘Law-Abiding’ Gun Owner
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 June 15
Blair’s Office Responds to His AR-15 Comment: Full E-mail
Blair’s Office Can’t Justify His AR-15 Comment to House
Conservative Leadership Contest: Views on Debate of 2020 June 18
Canadian Taxpayers Federation to Join Lawsuit Against Gun Bans
Saskatchewan to Block Trudeau Handgun Confiscations With New Law
RCMP Publishes Expanded List of Guns Ordered for Confiscation
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 June 08
Conservative Leadership Election: Quick Take Before Next Week’s Debates
CBSA Withholds Details on Seizure of What It Calls 65 ‘Prohibited Guns’
O’Toole Pitches Most-Detailed Gun Policies for Conservative Leadership
Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 June 01
Gun Imports Sank in January-April, Even Before Covid-19 Crisis
‘Alberta’s Got Your Back,’ ‘We Need Firearms:’ MLAs on Motion 20
Alberta’s Kenney, Schweitzer, Glasgo: Media Briefing Transcript
Alberta Vows to Defend Gun Rights Against Trudeau’s Attacks
Alberta Will Name Its Own CFO, May Back Lawsuit Against Gun Bans
Gun Bans Target Olympic Athletes: Shooting Federation of Canada
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 May 25
OFAH Rejects Gun-Confiscation Order as ‘Harmful,’ ‘Unacceptable’
Saskatchewan to Name Own Chief Firearms Officer, Opposing Feds
Trudeau Gun Confiscations Violate Constitution, Cox Lawsuit Says
Blair’s Office Outlines New Gun Restrictions, Classification System
CCFR-Led Group Sues Liberals, RCMP to Stop Gun Confiscations
Blair Outlines Plan to Ban Home Handgun Ownership: Toronto Star
Hipwell Hires Burlew, Seeks $100,000 to Fight Liberal Abuse of Power
Solomon Friedman Files First Lawsuit Against Liberal Gun Confiscations
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 May 18
RCMP Says Over 100,000 Gun Owners May Be Target of Confiscation
Black Creek Labs Exits Canada Semi-Auto Rifle Market After Bans
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 May 11
J.R. Cox Raises $60,000 in 4 Days to Fight Liberal Gun-Ban Order
Justice Department Comments on Coming Into Force of Ban Order
Petition to Stop Liberal Gun Confiscations Surges to No. 1
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 May 04
Legal Precedent Gives Us the Right to Have Guns: Valarie Findlay
RCMP Deletes ‘Grandfathering’ Option From Web Page on Gun Bans
U.S. Shotgun Exporters Risk Confiscation Under Liberal Ban: NSSF
Liberals Plan New Classification Law to ‘Quickly’ Ban New Guns
Police on Twitter Start to Protest Liberal Confiscation Order
Analysis: Gun-Confiscation Order and’s Reporting
Trudeau Just Killed My Trust in Government, the RCMP and the Law
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 April 27
Trudeau Orders Immediate Rifle Bans, Promises ‘Grandfathering’
Liberals May Order Gun Prohibitions This Week, CBC Reports
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 April 20
RCMP Outlines Details, Timeline of Nova Scotia Massacre
Civil Disorder Among COVID-19 Concerns: Statistics Canada Survey
Trudeau Says Gun-Ban Measures Were ‘Ready to Go’
Nova Scotia Attacker Didn’t Have ‘FAC’ Gun Licence, RCMP Says
Trudeau Reiterates Plan for Mass Gun Bans Against PAL Holders
Gun Licences Rose for 10th Straight Year in 2019 to New Record
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 April 13
Canada’s Booming Demand for Guns Is Amazing, And Has Drawbacks
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 April 06
Most Viewed Articles in First Quarter 2020
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 March 30
RCMP Firearms Program Updates on COVID-19 Impact on Services
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 March 23
RCMP: ‘It Has Been Recommended’ to Stop Gun-Safety Courses on COVID-19
RCMP ‘Working Hard’ on Gun Licences With Delays From COVID-19
Ontario CFO’s Chantal Trahan Comments on COVID-19 Response
Trudeau Says No Emergencies Act for Now, Hajdu Warns of Jeopardy to Civil Liberties
Gun Sales Rise on COVID-19 Concern of Shortages, Social Unrest
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 March 16
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 March 09
Ottawa Police Opposes Mass Gun Confiscations Sought by Liberals
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 March 02
List of Canada’s Federal Gun Laws and Regulations
Ontario CFO Peer to Remain After Promotion Until Successor Named
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 February 24
MP Tako Van Popta Gets Surge of Support With Gun-Safety Photos
Ministry Comments Suggest 3 Steps for Rifle-Confiscation Order
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 February 17
Petition E-2341 Analysis: Risks, Benefits and What They Mean
RCMP Air Marshals Picked Glock 19 After Five 30,000-Round Tests
Wolverine’s John Hipwell Designs New WS-MCR Semi-Auto Rifle
Bullseye London CEO Patience Q&A on Gun Bans, ‘Urgent’ Expansion
Why the Conservative Leadership Race Matters to Gun Owners
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 February 10
Olympics Picks Shooter as First Torchbearer of 2020 Games
‘Secret’ Memo Says Most PAL Holders Aren’t Public Safety Threat
Airbnb Pledges $300,000 to Group Campaigning Against PAL Holders
Bill Blair Gets New Communications Director
Liberal Gun-Confiscation Order Possible via Bill vs. OIC: CBC
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 February 03
TACCOM 2020: Organizer Fred Pellegrino Discusses His Bold Plans
‘Significant Concern’ Over Trudeau Gun Confiscation: Yukon Party
Glen Motz Comments After Petition to Stop Bans Takes First Place
Petition to Stop Trudeau’s Confiscation Order Surges to No. 1
Trudeau Faces New Blow as Toronto Mayor Scraps Call for Gun Bans
Peter MacKay on Liberal Gun Bans: ‘Whatever They Do, We Will Undo’
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 January 27
Meet Joël Lightbound, Bill Blair’s Rifle-Confiscation Assistant
Liberal Gun Confiscations Are an ‘Attack’ on PAL Holders: Scheer
RCMP New Report Undermines Trudeau’s Planned Gun Confiscations
Lynda Kiejko Wins Canada’s Only Shooting Spot for 2020 Olympics
Bill Blair Expects Rifle Prohibition Order ‘In the Near Term’
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 January 20
Calgary Councillor Against PAL Holders Proposes New Task Force
Manitoba Premier Says Municipal Handgun Bans Won’t Boost Safety
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 January 13
Saskatchewan Opposes Trudeau Gun Seizures, StarPhoenix Reports
Most Viewed Articles in Fourth Quarter, Full Year 2019
NFA Tells Trudeau to Expect ‘Civil Resistance’ Over His Gun Bans
Bullet Points: Week of 2020 January 06
Calgary Police Chief Doesn’t Back Handgun Bans: Calgary Herald
Bullet Points: Week of 2019 December 30
Ontario to Name New CFO After Dwight Peer Promoted
Bullet Points: Week of 2019 December 23-29
Bullet Points: Week of 2019 December 16-22
Canada Gun News: Week of 2019 December 16
Glen Motz Q&A on New Petition: ‘An Order in Council Is Wrong’
Wolverine Supplies, Kodiak Defence Stop Collaboration on WK180-C
No Evidence That Canadian Gun Laws Affect Safety, Research Shows
Police Officer Against Gun Confiscations Outlines Home Searches
Trudeau Tells Blair to Pass New Laws for Mass Gun Confiscations
Ontario CFO Peer Discusses New Visits During Club Shooting Days
Canada Gun News: Week of 2019 December 09
Glock’s First .22 Pistol Coming to Canada in March, G45 Is Next
Blair Tells iPolitics Confiscation Needs New Law, Two Years Away
Trudeau Aims to Order Mass Rifle Confiscation Before Summer: CBC
Trudeau to Order Rifle Bans ‘As Quickly As Possible’: Bill Blair
Trudeau’s Mass Confiscation Order Will Include Mini-14 Owners
Trudeau Expands Municipal Gun-Ban Plan to Include ‘Communities’
Trudeau Renews Pledge of Mass Gun Bans, To Address Parliament
OFAH Calls on Trudeau Government to Target Violence, Not Hunters Insider: E-Newsletter for Members
RCMP Comments on Firearms Reference Table Users, Access, Fees
CSSA’s Tony Bernardo Comments on RCMP’s Firearms Reference Table
RCMP Redesigns Canadian Firearms Program Website
Alberta Passes Motion to Support Hunters and Sport Shooters
CSAAA Comments to Toronto City Council on Gun Bans: Full Text Insider: E-Newsletter for Members
RCMP Still ‘Working at Posting’ Firearms Reference Table, No ETA Insider: E-Newsletter for Members
Adam Caruana Joins AmChar From Firearms Outlet Canada
Gun Serial Numbers Aren’t ‘Personal Info,’ Court Says: Full Text
Trudeau Boosts Blair to Minister of Public Safety in New Cabinet Insider: E-Newsletter for Members
Canada’s Gun Industry Could Mimic FedEx Reply to New York Times
Antler Kitchen Chef Michael Hunter Opposes Trudeau-Tory Gun Bans
Bans Aren’t Leadership: Liberal Ex-President in National Post
High School Gun Range Trained Students for WW2: Abbotsford News
Alberta to Study Naming Its Own Chief Firearms Officer: Kenney
Toronto Health Board Urges Canada-Wide Gun Bans From PAL Holders
How Police Review ATCs: Info Commissioner Letter to Dennis Young Insider: E-Newsletter for Members Insider: E-Newsletter for Members
Alberta Plans Law to Shield People Using Force for Home Defence
Guns, Family and Hunting in Canada’s Cold and Wet: Ron Shunter
Most Viewed Articles in Third Quarter, First Nine Months of 2019
Alberta Acts to Protect Residents, Trudeau Aims to Disarm Them
Trudeau to Update on Gun Bans After Nov. 20, Blair’s Office Says
Ontario Premier Ford’s Office Comments on Trudeau Gun Bans
Liberal Gun Bans Won’t Stop Gangs, Ex-RCMP Clement Tells CBC
Trudeau’s Bulletproof Vest: Tactical, Moral, Political Questions
Liberals to Offer $1,000/Rifle in Forced Surrender: iPolitics
Trudeau Is Promising Mass Gun Confiscations He Once Mocked
Trudeau Suggests Vz. 58, Ruger Mini-14 Among Mass Confiscations
‘Where Does This Stop?’ Pistol Champ Harding Responds to Trudeau
Trudeau and Blair’s AR-15 Bashing Puts Police in a Pickle
RCMP to Pick Which Guns to Confiscate Under Trudeau, CTV Reports
Ministry Comments on Bill C-71 Procedures for Coming Into Force
Kenney Calls Robber Suing Maurice ‘Harassment’: Calgary Herald
Vancouver Police Opposes Trudeau-Stewart Calls for Handgun Ban
Liberals to Ban Handgunners in Cities Via Storage: Blair on CTV
Firearm Legal Defence Won’t Cover Gun Bans: Q&A With Lead Broker
Edward Burlew: Liberal Plan Helps Hoodlums Keep Assault Rifles
Trudeau Promises Mass Gun Bans, Confiscations in Election 2019
Marstar President Khoee Q&A: Election Outlook for Gun Industry
Liberals to Restrict Gun Owners in Cities, Bill Blair Tells CBC
TACCOM Is the ‘We Can Do This!’ Hit Canada’s Gun Community Needs
Election 2019: Three Realities and Four Possible Outcomes
RCMP Says It Deleted Bill C-71 Web Info in June After Law Passed
Quebec Threatens Hunters With Gun Seizures, Then Asks for Help
RCMP Removes Bill C-71 Web Pages
TACCOM: Quick Peak at ‘Mini SHOT Show’ Before Tomorrow’s Opening
Police Movement Against Trudeau-Tory Gun Bans Grows With Regina
Gun Licence Fees to Rise 2.2% in March 2020, RCMP Says
TACCOM: Visit Canada’s Tactical & Competitive Shooting Show
Liberal Voters Want Gun Owners Gone From Cities, Ekos Poll Shows
Halifax Police Joins Movement Against Trudeau-Tory Gun Bans
CACP Police Chiefs Lobby Opposes Gun Bans: The Canadian Press
Trudeau Says Election Plan Against Gun Owners Is Coming
Toronto Police Chief Joins Leaders Against Trudeau-Tory Gun Bans
Ontario Premier Ford Rejects Gun Bans, Toronto Sun Reports
Five Realities to Stop Ignoring If We Aim to Stop Mass Attackers
Ontario CFO Comments on AR-15 Buying Surge, Gun Licensing
Yellowknife Shooting Club Hosts Ladies’ Fun Shoot for Newbies
RCMP Comments on Firearm Training, Officer Shootings, New AR-15
Most Viewed Articles in Second Quarter, First Six Months of 2019
Bill C-71 Is Now Law After Receiving Royal Assent, Will Ban Guns
Edward Burlew: Licensed Gun Owners Fight Back
Trudeau Gun Ban Targets 200,000 Long Guns: Global News
Dangers and Flaws as Liberals Promise Gun Bans for Election 2019
Liberals Plan Gun Bans If Re-Elected, Blair Tells Globe and Mail
Dear PM, Your Gun Bans Won’t Get the Votes You Seek: Edith Iwama
Take This 5-Minute Survey on Shooting, Hunting for OFAH, CSAAA
Doctors for Firearm Safety Says Members Face Workplace Pressure
Here’s How PM Trudeau Could Ditch New Gun Bans: William Rees
RCMP Says Number of CZ 858, Swiss Arms Rifles in Canada Unknown
Tony Clement Comments on Gun-Ban Risk After Trudeau Keeps Silent
Ministry Comments on Bill C-71 Royal Assent, Orders in Council
Liberals Demonize Gun Owners by Copying U.S. Senator Feinstein
Conservatives Reiterate Pledge to Repeal Bill C-71 If Elected
Bill C-71 Gun Bans May Create ‘Safe Queens’ By Revoking ATTs
RCMP ‘Actively Working’ on 2018 Commissioner of Firearms Report
Bill C-71 Passes Final Vote in Senate as New Law to Ban Guns
AR-15 Selling Out in Canada on Concern Trudeau to Ban New Owners
Gun Ban Concern Rises to Record in Google Canada Searches
Wolverine Supplies: ‘Never Stop Fighting … Time to Take a Stand’
Ministry Comments on How Law Allows Cabinet to Order Gun Bans
Canadian Gun Licences and Handgun Owners Rise to New Records
Trudeau May Order Gun Bans, CTV News Reports, Citing Bill Blair
Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Comments on Bill C-71, Gun Bans
RCMP Slows Printing Gun Licences, Fuelling Speculation of Bans
Guns ‘Selling Like Crazy’ on Ban Concern: Firearms Outlet Canada
Trudeau to Ban AR-15 Next Month, CSSA Says, Citing Govt Sources
NZ Police Raid Gun Owner’s Home to Ban Firearms, Stuff Reports
Bullseye London Owner Scott Patience Comments on Bans, Business
Canadian Personal Guns Registered With RCMP Rise Above 1 Million
Trudeau Has ‘Secret Plan’ on ‘Sweeping Gun Ban,’ MP Clement Says
Canadian Individuals Own 66,262 AR-15 Rifles, RCMP Says
RCMP Failing to Deliver Life-Saving AR-15s, Auditor General Says
Bill C-71 Final Reading in Senate Set for May 9, Pratte Says
One Person in Canada Has Authorization To Carry Guns, RCMP Says
Liberal Voters Are Most Hostile to Gun Owners, Leger Poll Shows
Firearms Act Evaluated With Summary Logic Model in 1998 Report
Canada Reviewing Survey to Decide on Gun Bans, Blair Office Says
Blair Doesn’t Rule Out Gun Bans After Consultation Report
I Am Afraid to Talk to My Doctors About My Struggle: Mark Carew
Dangerous Fallacies at the Heart of the Gun Debate
I Am an ER Doctor, Hunter and Competitive Shooter: Greg Mosdossy
Senators Plett and Pratte Respond After Committee Guts Bill C-71
Week in Review: Matt Gurney, Globe and Mail, Liberals, Doctors
Liberal MPs Attack Scheer Over University Club Range Day
Gun Owners ‘Want Their Rights Respected,’ MP Candice Bergen Says
Canadian Government Reiterates It May Ban Guns, Won’t Say How
RCMP Firearms Program Comments on Notice About Quebec Registry
‘Let’s Have a Firearms-Free Canada,’ Senator Dalphond Says
Bill C-71 Turns 1: Timeline and Highlights of the Past Year
Bill C-71 Legislative Summary: Library of Parliament, Dec. 2018
‘Pretty Big Measures’ Underway to Restrict Guns, Blair Tells CTV
How Terrorists Run the World, and Other Thoughts on New Zealand
CBC ‘Year of the Gun’ Film Continues One-Sided Firearm Coverage
Bill C-71 Creates PAL Holder ‘Connections Registry’ on Transfers
Liberals Must Stop ‘Repeated Attacks’ on Gun Owners: MP Rempel
Trudeau and Bernier Lessons for Gun Owners After By-Elections
‘The Proposal Is a Ban on Private Ownership,’ Government MP Says
New Chair, Members Named to Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee
Shooting Federation Head Says Gun Law May Push Her Into Politics
How Statistics Canada Shapes Gun Politics and Perceptions
‘Straw Buyers:’ Under 2 People Charged Per Year, Research Shows
Senator Dean ‘Unimpressed’ If You Worry About Being Disarmed
Canadian University Shooting Federation: Q&A With the President
Not One Letter in Support of Bill C-71, Senator Tells iPolitics
Why and How People Get Guns Illegally: 2010 Government Study
New Canadian Doctors Group Aims to Ban Guns From Licensed Owners
Ontario Police Ex-Chief Negates ‘Domestically Sourced’ Storyline
You Started It
A Canadian Approach to Public Safety (Humour)
Blair Sees Central Gun Storage Possible ‘In Some Jurisdictions’
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