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Ontario CFO Peer Discusses New Visits During Club Shooting Days

· 4 min read — Ontario Chief Firearms Officer Dwight Peer, who oversees approvals and inspections of the province’s almost 300 target ranges, discusses new visits to clubs and ranges during shooting days and live-fire events. The drop-ins began at a handful of ...

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Yukon firearm owners need a voice in Ottawa "Liberals predictably used the anniversary of the horrific tragedy of the École Polytechnique Montreal massacre to advance the latest plank in their party’s long-standing anti-firearms agenda"

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Commentary: Yukon firearm owners need a voice in Ottawa - Yukon News

Are Yukoners being effectively represented in Ottawa?

Did you know that preventable healthcare harm is the 3rd leading cause of death in Canada? Silence plays a major role. We want you to speak up.

Anonymously share your story and your advice to help empower patients. 💬#conquersilence

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