RCMP Invites Gun Stores to Apply as Gun Destroyers

TheGunBlog.ca — The RCMP, which regulates Canada’s gun stores, is inviting them to apply to become licensed firearm destroyers, as it works with the government to attack gun users and businesses.

The RCMP Canadian Firearms Program e-mailed businesses this month about short-term authorizations for so-called gun “deactivation.”

What Is ‘Deactivation’

  • Deactivation” destroys firearms without damaging how they look.
  • Gunsmiths add or remove parts so you can’t use the gun to chamber or fire ammunition.
  • It’s used to turn guns into souvenirs, art, heirlooms, and movie props.
  • It’s one of the tools the government and RCMP are using for their attacks unleashed in May 2020.

Why It Matters

  • The Liberal Party-led government and RCMP are working to criminalize responsible gunshop owners and gun owners, and to destroy or confiscate our equipment.
  • Bad Business: Anyone who collaborates with them risks being shunned as an accomplice.
  • Good Business: Deactivation is useful for gunsmiths and gun manufacturers, and some businesses want the authorization.

RCMP Responds to TheGunBlog.ca

Caroline Duval, a spokeswoman for the Ottawa-based Royal Canadian Mounted Police, e-mailed the following responses to TheGunBlog.ca today in reply to our questions sent March 8.

1. Which types of businesses did you invite to respond? (e.g., how many recipients, small and/or big businesses, Canada-wide or only select regions, …)?

The Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) sent correspondence to all licensed firearm businesses in Canada seeking interest in performing the deactivation of firearms. The correspondence contained instructions on how to request the deactivation condition be added to their business licence, and the deadline to do so.

2. What’s behind the immediate need for firearm deactivations?

This project was initiated to address the needs of businesses interested in performing the deactivation of firearms for clients seeking this service.

3. Why are you running this as a temporary measure for only five months?

The CFP has set up a temporary, dedicated team to assist businesses in processing these requests. This temporary measure is being evaluated over the next five months to determine if it adequately meets business needs.

4. How has the government’s 01 May 2020 gun prohibition-confiscation OIC affected requests or demand to deactivate firearms?

The May 1, 2020 Order in Council prohibited a number of assault-style firearms and certain components of some newly prohibited firearms. As one of their options, firearms owners can have their firearm deactivated by an approved firearms business. The clients contact the businesses directly for this service and therefore the CFP does not have statistics on the requests.

RCMP Letter to Firearm Businesses

Following is a March 5 e-mail from a provincial/territorial Chief Firearms Officer to businesses in their region. It was forwarded to TheGunBlog.ca.

Similar letters were sent by CFOs to businesses across Canada.

Subject: Deactivation of Firearms
Date: 05 March 2021
From: ██████████@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

Dear Business:

The Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) is initiating a short-term project to address the immediate needs of firearms businesses interested in adding deactivation of firearms to their business licence.   This is a temporary process being run from March 5 to August 11, 2021.

Your business should already have gunsmithing as an activity on its licence or be capable of conducting gunsmithing activities.

Should your business be interested, please send an email to [email protected] no later than March 19, 2021 and include the following information:

Name of business:
Business licence number:

Once we have received confirmation of your interest, we will review your request and, if accepted, provide you with instructions on the process to submit a sample deactivated firearm.

Please note that businesses accepted to submit a sample deactivated firearm will need to submit that sample by no later than April 2, 2021.  Accepted businesses will be sent the guidelines for deactivation and will be authorized to submit a deactivated sample of a firearm of their choice.

We apologize for the rapid turnaround times.


Chief Firearms Officer ███████ / Contrôleur des armes à feu ███████
Canadian Firearms Program / Programme canadien des armes à feu

James Cox, Gun Store Owner

James Cox, the owner of The Shooting Edge in Calgary and Target Sports Canada near Toronto, said the following to TheGunBlog.ca today in a phone interview. He offers gunsmithing services, and is fighting the Liberal+RCMP attacks in court.

We’ve been asking about this for years.

We’re torn on whether to do it or not.

We don’t know their intentions.

We aren’t accomplices. But do we stop doing what we do for commerce?

J.R. Cox, Speaking to TheGunBlog.ca, 17 March 2021