Edward Burlew Files First Section 74 Appeal for Group Fighting ‘Nullifications’

(Update Feb. 19: Adds in last paragraph that Burlew filed second appeal.)

TheGunBlog.ca — The court fight escalated this week to restore justice for Canadian hunters, farmers and sport shooters and stop the federal government’s and federal police’s regulatory attacks.

Edward Burlew, one of the country’s leading firearm lawyers, filed the first court appeal on February 09 for a group of Ontario gun owners using Section 74 of the Firearms Act to assert their rights and keep their gear.

Until now, the group members have represented themselves in court without lawyers in their effort to stop mass gun confiscations. They hired Burlew after raising funds to pay him through GoFundMe.com.

The editor of TheGunBlog.ca donated.

Fighting ‘Nullification’

The group is among roughly 150 people in provincial courts across Canada challenging the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s unprecedented and unheard of “nullification” of their firearm-registration certificates.

The RCMP is using the tactic to assist government-ordered mass rifle and shotgun confiscations that specifically target people with RCMP-authorized firearm licences.

In addition, six cases are in Federal Court to stop the government and police crackdown as abusive, illegal and unconstitutional.

GoFundMe Organizer Comment

“J.P.”, who led fundraising to hire Burlew, said today in an update on GoFundMe:

Thanks to the quick and expert work of our retained counsel, Ed Burlew, the first of two appeals have been filed with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

As we are still well short of our overall goal, I’d like everyone who has supported us so far to continue to support our effort by sharing our progress with the rest of the community who is affected by this inappropriate action by the Government.

We look forward to being able to announce that our second appeal has been filed shortly.

J.P., GoFundMe, 12 February 2021

Notice of Appeal No. 1

  • Appellant: George Fritz
  • Lawyer: Edward Burlew
  • Court: Ontario Superior Court of Justice
  • Date Filed: 09 February 2021

Second Appeal Filed

Update Feb. 19: Burlew filed a second appeal for the group on February 9, for Jeffrey Wakefield.