Attorney General of Canada Responds in Section 74 Application: PDF — Following is a response by the Attorney General of Canada in the case of a Nova Scotia resident seeking to assert his legal rights and fight the federal government and federal police’s use of “nullification” to confiscate his guns.


  • The AGC considers Alberta Justice Allan Fradsham “erred” in his rationale for allowing a Section 74 application to proceed last month. Starting at Paragraph 39.
  • The government, RCMP and their lawyers continue to refuse to share the legal authority and procedural mechanism for “nullification,” possibly because there isn’t one. See Paragraph 21.

Patricia MacPhee, the lawyer for the confiscators, sent the 22-page “Respondent’s Written Representations” to the Nova Scotia court Registrar on Dec. 17, with a copy to the applicant. The applicant shared it with

We’ve blacked out their identity to protect their privacy.

The applicant is seeking a court hearing under Section 74 of the Firearms Act to restore firearm-registration certificates that the government and Royal Canadian Mounted Police claim were “nullified” following their May 1 gun-confiscation order.

Attorney General of Canada, ‘Respondent’s Written Representations’

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