Bans Aren’t Leadership: Liberal Ex-President in National Post

TheGunBlog.ca — Gun bans targeting lawful firearm owners are political cheap talk that should be rejected in favour of working to stop violent gangs, Stephen LeDrew, a former president of the Liberal Party of Canada, said yesterday in the National Post.

LeDrew, also a lawyer and broadcaster, spoke in a YouTube video published on the newspaper’s website.

The current Liberal leader, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, promised the biggest instant gun confiscations in Canadian history against honest hunters, farmers, sport shooters and other legitimate firearm owners.

None of Trudeau’s proposed rifle or handgun prohibitions target violent offenders.

All guns are banned already for anyone who doesn’t have a firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence authorized by the federal police.

Excerpt of LeDrew Video
Transcribed by TheGunBlog.ca

Almost daily this fall, our local politicians are falling over themselves in the news calling for a ban on handguns as the answer to the alarming increase in gun crimes.

What don’t they get?

In Canada, we already have a virtual ban on handguns. It is very, very difficult to become a legal gun owner.

But the problem is not with those who obey the law. It is with criminals and hoods getting illegal guns. And it is easy to obtain an illegal gun.

The police in Toronto have been very clear about this. It’s the gangs.

And police leaders across Canada have repeatedly said that a handgun ban isn’t the solution.

So, out the politicians for whom talk is cheap.


Correction Nov. 17: Corrects LeDrew’s title in headline and first paragraph.