Most Saskatchewaners Oppose Stricter Gun Law: Regina Leader-Post — Most Saskatchewan residents approve of current laws on gun sales or want them relaxed, the Regina Leader-Post reported today, citing a poll by the University of Saskatchewan.

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  • 47%: laws should remain as they are.
  • 9%: laws should be somewhat or considerably more lenient.
  • 40%: laws should be somewhat or considerably more strict.
  • 4%: Unsure or refused to answer.

Other Results

  • No difference between urban and rural respondents.
  • Men prefer more lenient laws than women.
  • Younger respondents prefer more lenient laws than older respondents.

Key Quotes

Greg Illerbrun, Firearms Chair, Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation:

  • “A lot of people that don’t own guns don’t really know what the laws are today, how restricted things are.”
  • “There’s a lot of hoops we have to jump through just to own a firearm.”

Ralph Goodale, Canadian Minister of Public Safety and Member of Parliament for Regina, Saskatchewan:

  • The data are “quite encouraging from the government’s point of view.”
  • Politicians arguing for more relaxed gun laws “are way offside.”
  • “That is clearly contrary to the views of 90 per cent of Saskatchewan people. That’s the startling thing that comes out of these statistics.”


  • Researchers called 401 people in Saskatchewan at random this month asking for their views on laws regulating the sale of firearms in Canada.
  • Data were collected by the University of Saskatchewan’s Social Sciences Research Laboratories (SSRL) as part of the Taking the Pulse initiative.
  • Margin of error: 4.9 percent, 19 times out of 20. Editor’s Fantasy Right Now

  • Goodbye Toronto, Hello somewhere in Saskatchewan.

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