Quebec City to Ask Feds for New Gun Ban Like Current Gun Ban — Quebec City Council will ask the government of Canada for gun laws that are the same as current gun laws: ban handguns and semi-automatic firearms except for authorized users, such as military, police, hunters, sport shooters and collectors.

Quebec said it wants to support similar moves by Toronto and Montreal, according to a resolution discussed Aug. 23 and that is on the agenda for a vote on Aug. 27.

Quebec also wants tougher federal restrictions on who can obtain guns legally.

Resolution Translated by

Be it resolved to:

  • Join the voice of Quebec City to those of the cities of Toronto and Montreal to ask the federal government to further regulate the availability, sale, possession and use of weapons by the general public.
  • Support the cities of Toronto and Montreal and call on the government to prohibit the availability, sale, possession and use of assault weapons, semi-automatic weapons and handguns for the general public except:
    • in the case of the Canadian Armed Forces, police services and other authorities mandated to possess firearms;
    • in the case of semi-automatic weapons and handguns, to hunters, sport shooters and collectors;
    • subject to restrictions imposed by municipal, provincial and federal governments.
  • Also ask the federal government to improve the eligibility criteria for obtaining firearms by members of the public to prevent cases where individuals showing clear risks are allowed to possess firearms.

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