Goodale to Consider New Handgun Laws, Canadian Press Reports — Canadian Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale said he will consider new handgun classifications, The Canadian Press reported today, suggesting the government will explore new restrictions on gun owners beyond Bill C-71.

Global News shared The Canadian Press story.

Reporter: Would you support a reclassification of handguns under federal legislation?

Goodale: “That would require significant remodelling of the Criminal Code. A number of groups and organizations made representations to that effect earlier this year. I said that we would be prepared to consider their arguments, and we will do that. They offered testimony before parliamentary committees, and we’ll examine the proposal to see if it can be effective.”

In March, Goodale presented the government’s Bill C-71 to confiscate more guns from Canada’s 2.1 million men and women with federal firearm licenses and to make it tougher to buy, sell and transport firearms.

Here’s what the draft law proposes on firearm classifications, based on the March 20 press release:

Ensure the impartial, professional, accurate and consistent classification of firearms as either “Non-restricted,” “Restricted” or “Prohibited” — by restoring a system in which Parliament defines the classes but entrusts experts in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to classify firearms, without political influence.

A spokesman for the minister wasn’t available to comment immediately when contacted by

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