398 Pages of Ministry of Public Safety Memos Shared on CGN

TheGunBlog.ca — The following files appear to show 398 pages of internal reports, presentations, memos and e-mails from Canada’s Ministry of Public Safety and other government agencies related to firearm policy and the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee.

The files were shared June 15 on Canadian Gun Nutz and are available for download. The person who shared the documents said they were obtained through a request under the Access to Information Act.

Their authenticity hasn’t been verified by TheGunBlog.ca.


  • Presentation from March 2017 outlining the government’s plans for Bill C-71, starting on p. 128 of 398. A similar one is on p. 181.
  • Department of Justice presentation (undated) on Canada’s Firearms Legislative Framework, starting on p. 199 of 398.
  • Chain of e-mails related to drafting the disputed list of consultations on Bill C-71 starts on p. 344 of 398.

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