‘Secret’ RCMP Files on Firearm Classification-Registration, 2010

RCMP Firearms Classification:Registration IssuesTheGunBlog.ca — The attached document wasn’t verified or authenticated by TheGunBlog.ca. It appears to show 41 pages of declassified “Secret” slides, e-mails and memos by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 2010.

It seems to outline a wish list of guns to ban, and an overview of how the federal police develops its opinion on the legal classification of firearms.

On the top-right of each page is written: “Document released under the Access to Information Act.”

Some questions come to mind on reviewing the document. Same old, same old:

  • What is the purpose/benefit of classifying firearms as “Non-restricted,” “Restricted,” or “Prohibited”? We spend a lot of energy over “How?” but the bigger issue “Why?”
  • Why does it matter what type of stock a firearm has, or how long the barrel is, or whether it’s a clone or copy of another firearm?
  • Why would such a document be “Secret”? Why not transparent and publicly available from the start? Shouldn’t manufacturers, retailers, consumers and public officials understand how the classifiers classify?
  • The police don’t get to change the rules of the road and then charge you for breaking the new rules. Why do they get to change their opinion on firearms, and then charge you for disagreeing with the new opinion?

Click here: RCMP Firearms Classification/Registration Issues, 2010

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