RCMP’s Top Gun Suppliers 2016: Colt Canada, M.D. Charlton, S&W

17 Aug 2017

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RCMP Gun Suppliers 2016

Colt Canada Corp. was the RCMP’s biggest supplier of guns last year, as Canada’s national police equipped officers with AR-15 rifles. M.D. Charlton Co., which sells SIG Sauer, Mossberg and Winchester among its brands, came second, followed by Smith & Wesson Corp. in third place.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police bought more than $8.7 million of weapons and parts in 2016, according to calculations by TheGunBlog.ca based on contract reports on the RCMP’s website. The amount includes only orders exceeding $10,000.

The federal police purchased $2.7 million in firearms from Kitchener, Ontario-based Colt Canada and $1.8 million in guns from Victoria, British Columbia-based M.D. Charlton, out of 21 weapons suppliers listed in the reports.

The top-two vendors accounted for more sales than all the other contractors combined.

The reports also showed that the RCMP bought $7.9 million of munitions and ammunition, almost all of which was supplied by the Canadian subsidiary of General Dynamics Corp. of the U.S.

RCMP’s Suppliers of Weapons, Including Parts, in 2016 (Contracts > $10,000)

RankNameAmount ($)
1Colt Canada2,683,866
2M.D. Charlton1,814,859
3Smith & Wesson1,049,235
4Rampart International576,514
5Summit Canada552,380
7Korth Group383,823
8Wolverine Supplies364,841
9Gravel Agency268,158
10Calgary Shooting Centre200,713
11Questar International71,102
12911 Supply63,090
13C&R Developments45,862
14Production Case38,724
15Millbrook Tactical35,962
16Valley Associates33,452
17GP Tactical20,997
18Custom Hardware Distributors20,684
20Cubic Defense Applications16,025
21Tetragon-Tasse Distributors13,113

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