Owning a Gun Doesn’t Make You a Criminal, By Steve Barta

The following was written by Steve Barta in December 2015 after a shooting massacre in San Bernardino, California, and tweeted to the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights. The CCFR replied today, just as news was breaking of a shooting attack against police officers in Paris.

Timeless relevance?

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My Story Voicing My Opinion to Non-Gun Owners

By Steve Barta, 05 Dec. 2015

In light of recent events I would like to voice my personal opinion. Owning a firearm does not make you a potential criminal… Period.

Walk out your door, look to your left and look to your right. Your neighbours are legal firearms owners. There’s well over 2 million legal/licensed owners in our communities with over 9 million legal firearms in private Canadians’ possession for a variety of inconsequential reasons.

I for one would like to preserve my Canadian heritage so my children will know what it is like to be both free and Canadian. Plus, it’s a fun, safe family activity like archery or golf.

The reason why “mass shootings” are few and far between in Canada is because we were raised right and our communities support each other. We understand that freedom is a responsibility and not something to be taken for granted. We understand that every year we remember those who sacrificed so we can live our lives free. Alas, people will fall through the cracks and make poor decisions. Jebus knows I’ve made some had ones…

But some people just lack the mental capacity for empathy.

In the media you’ll see the worst of what society can offer, all the fear you can bear and none of the solutions. Look at your neighbour and know that regardless of race, religion, political view, country of origin, mistakes or hobbies we are all a community and are all free to do what Canadian laws and our Charter of Rights allow.

If you are somehow uncomfortable with other people’s legal choices and freedoms then perhaps some education will help. Take the RCMP Canadian Firearms Safety Course and pass the background, spousal and mental-health checks and you’ll be impressed at how well our current Canadian system works.

This is the last I will speak of this subject as I don’t believe in forcing my opinion on others… Just know that as a Canadian you are born free and can live without fear to do as you wish within the law of the land.

Merry freedom everyone!

[Additional context written this evening.]

I am the author and I wrote it after San Bernardino in 2015. I was seeing friends and everyone under the sun demean gun owners and could not be silent. The sheer ignorance and emotionally charged untruthful rhetoric was too much. Honestly I forgot about this until someone retweeted it.

Unfortunately it’s still relevant today, however some of those who ridiculed back then have changed their rationale and are obtaining their PALs.

One mind at a time… Education truth, and responsibility will triumph over ignorance.

Please use it if you like. Thanks for sharing!

Steve Barta, CCFR member

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