Goodale Confirms Plan for New Gun Laws, Advisory Committee

Canadian Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale said he’s preparing new gun laws and will overhaul an advisory committee, reiterating last year’s campaign pledges by the Liberal-led government.

“Public Safety Canada is developing the detailed plan needed to deliver on our commitments to increase gun safety and reduce gun violence,” Goodale told employees today in a letter published on the ministry’s website. “We will soon be assisted by a reconstituted Firearms Advisory Committee including expertise from law enforcement, public health and women’s groups along with agriculture, hunting and recreation.”

Today is the anniversary of the 1989 massacre at the École Polytechnique in Montreal. A male student shot 24 women, killing 14, including one he stabbed to death after shooting her. He also shot and injured four men, and shot and killed himself.

Click here to see what Public Safety told in July.

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