Top YouTube Gun Channels: From FPSRussia, hickok45 to tnoutdoors9

FPSRussia dominates the world of gun videos on YouTube, DemolitionRanch is attracting subscribers faster than any of his peers and TAOFLEDERMAUS has the “stickiest” followers.

I had a bit of fun analyzing YouTube data, based on DemolitionRanch’s Top YouTube Gun Channels…….ROAST video of June 9, 2014. (Yeah, it’s a good one!)

I included channels that didn’t make DemolitionRanch’s list, because today they rank highly on some criteria (e.g. Vickers Tactical, TWANGnBANG, Jordan Winkler (a.k.a. FX Hummel), TheYankeeMarshall). Many other channels exist, but these are the most popular ones that I know about.

The data for subscribers, views and number of videos were updated today from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. Toronto time.

What are my favourites? I watch almost everything by Colion Noir, hickok45 and James Yeager. I also like sootch00, Vickers Tactical and nutnfancy.


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