Reminder: Ontario Liberals Want to Ban Firearms

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“Keep Guns Out of Ontario,” Premier Tells Attorney General

Here’s something to remember as we elect the next government of Canada: the Ontario Liberal Party wants to ban firearms.

Ontario’s Liberal Premier, Kathleen Wynne, instructed the province’s Minister of the Attorney General that one of the ministry’s “specific priorities” is:

“Assisting the police in their pursuit of measures to keep guns out of Ontario and get handguns off our streets,” according to Wynne’s mandate letter dated Sept. 25, 2014. “This issue requires engagement at all levels of government.”

Keep guns out of Ontario?!

That’s what the letter says.

Ontario’s provincial Liberals have sought to ban handguns for years. Not only in Ontario, but across Canada.

The federal Liberal Party is also hostile to law-abiding citizens who own or enjoy firearms.

Something to think about on Election Day.

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