Bill C-42 Heads to Senate After Passing Lower House

Canada’s Bill C-42 to change the Firearms Act and Criminal Code is heading to the Senate for review after having passed third reading in the House of Commons on May 29, the government said.

For owners of so-called “restricted firearms,” such as handguns and AR-15 rifles, the proposed legislation will cut red tape by allowing licensed firearm owners to transport their guns to the range or to a gunsmith, instead of requiring owners to request an Authorization to Transport a firearm each time they want to move one of their guns. I guess someone realized that the current system is cumbersome, costly and useless for public safety. Lawful gun owners don’t commit crimes, and criminals don’t request permission for their misdeeds.

For people wanting to obtain their first firearms licence, Bill C-42 will require them to take a course before taking a test of knowledge and skill. The current system allows them to take the test without taking the course.

Unlike in the U.S., where citizens have a constitutional right to own firearms, having a gun or ammunition in Canada is a crime, unless the person has a licence. Bill C-42 doesn’t change that.

The government outlined Bill C-42, which it’s calling the “Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act,” in July 2014 and introduced it to parliament in October.

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