Where Are Our Defenders?

What happened to all the individuals and organisations fighting for freedom and rights, fighting for laws that protect our freedom and rights, and fighting against laws that undermine our freedom and rights?

I’m thinking specifically of the freedom and rights of Canadians to own and use firearms, even though when we stick up for our freedom, we’re generally sticking up for everybody’s freedom.

Eight provinces opposed the Firearms Act and their case went to the Supreme Court in 1999, according to “How the Firearms Act (Bill C-68) Violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms,” presented in 2002 and published at www.rkba.ca.

It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Thank you to the person who sent it to me today.

Eight provinces opposed the Firearms Act? That’s great! But that was a long time ago, and they lost.

Who is sticking up for the freedoms and rights of the Canadian gun community today? Are the Canadian Shooting Sports Association and the National Firearms Association all the ammo we’ve got? It’s a good start, but they are operating on shoe-string budgets. And yet, Canada has 2 million to 5 million gun-licence holders or firearm owners, representing close to 15 percent of the country’s adult population. That’s huge!

Some folks are active on Twitter and Facebook, and there are a few blogs, including this one. I’ve listed some others on the Resources page.

What happened to everyone else?

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