The So-So Toronto Sportsmen’s Show

If you want to see heaps of cool guns and gear, or if you are looking for deals, then avoid the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show.

There are other reasons to go.

Today was my first time attending, and I’m glad I went. It was a chance to meet fellow gunnies, listen and learn a ton. I loved the show for that. And even though I was disappointed by how few goodies there were, it’s still nice to look at and touch what there is. I just expected a lot more guns.

My mistake. Past mayors of Toronto have crushed the city’s legal gun community, and the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show is one of the victims. (See here.)

A few booths displayed or sold firearms, such as the Beretta group, Browning, Le Baron and Tactical Imports, and others were selling accessories, including Frontline Training, Le Baron and Rampart International. The prices that I saw were in line with retail, and some were higher. The rare “show specials” weren’t so special after including the price of entrance ($16 online for adults) and parking ($14-$17).

Maybe if you want to check out fishing rods, ATVs, or pay $5 to shoot 5 arrows, you’ll enjoy the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show.

Will I go back? Meh.

Update on 08 February 2015: The people I met at the show have inspired me and taught me so much, that going was one of the best things I’ve done. There really are some incredible men and women in Canadian shooting, and the show is a great way to meet them. The guns and gear are simply a bonus.

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