Bullet Points: Week of 2020 May 25

May 31, 2020

Gun Licences Rose for 10th Straight Year in 2019 to New Record

April 15, 2020

RCMP Firearms Program Updates on COVID-19 Impact on Services

March 26, 2020

RCMP ‘Working Hard’ on Gun Licences With Delays From COVID-19

March 23, 2020

MP Tako Van Popta Gets Surge of Support With Gun-Safety Photos

February 24, 2020

Gun Licence Fees to Rise 2.2% in March 2020, RCMP Says

August 29, 2019

Ontario CFO Comments on AR-15 Buying Surge, Gun Licensing

July 15, 2019

Canadian Gun Licences and Handgun Owners Rise to New Records

May 22, 2019

Canadian Personal Guns Registered With RCMP Rise Above 1 Million

May 10, 2019

Canadian Individuals Own 66,262 AR-15 Rifles, RCMP Says

May 8, 2019

Ed Burlew: A Gun Ban Means Government Has Lost Trust in the RCMP

December 11, 2018

About 1% of Canadian Voters Own a Handgun, Globe Reports

November 25, 2018

Dear RCMP, How Does Cannabis Use Affect PAL Eligibility?

October 23, 2018

PAL Application Form Written as a Letter (Humour)

October 18, 2018

Gun Licences Rise to Record in June After 21 Quarterly Increases

August 15, 2018

How to Buy a Handgun in Canada: Regulatory and Procedural Steps

July 25, 2018

RCMP Corrects Website to Say We Can Buy Guns Without Showing PAL

April 7, 2018

Gun Licences Rose in 2017 at Slowest Pace in at Least Five Years

March 27, 2018

‘Non-Restricted’ Gun Owners With Expired Licences Now Face Jail

December 31, 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas for Canadian Gunnies, Bribery Edition

December 23, 2017