Ed Burlew: A Gun Ban Means Government Has Lost Trust in the RCMP

11 Dec 2018 — Edward Burlew, a leading Canadian firearm lawyer, said any new gun bans by the government would mean it had lost confidence in the federal police’s ability to manage gun safety. He made the comment in a series of points by e-mail on Dec. 9 after the Royal Canadian Mounted Police published its 2017…

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About 1% of Canadian Voters Own a Handgun, Globe Reports

25 Nov 2018 — About 1 percent of Canadian voters own a handgun or AR-15 rifle, according to calculations by based on a report today by the Globe and Mail. The relatively low percentage may encourage the governing Liberal Party to push through the new prohibitions it’s considering on civilian handgun ownership. Only 293,000 men and…

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Dear RCMP, How Does Cannabis Use Affect PAL Eligibility?

23 Oct 2018 — Canada legalized buying, selling and using cannabis for fun in certain limited cases this month. We asked the federal police, which licenses gun owners, how the legal purchase or use of weed might affect eligibility to get and keep a firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL). Here is their response.

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PAL Application Form Written as a Letter (Humour)

18 Oct 2018 — Canadians need a licence authorized by the federal police to legally buy, sell, own or transport any gun, and to buy ammunition. Here’s a humorous take on what a licence application might say if it were written as a letter.

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Gun Licences Rise to Record in June After 21 Quarterly Increases

15 Aug 2018 — The number of Canadian men and women with a gun licence rose to a record at the end of June after 21 consecutive quarterly increases. People are applying for the permits to go plinking or hunting with family and friends and to compete in shooting sports across the country and the world.

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Gun Licences Rose in 2017 at Slowest Pace in at Least Five Years

27 Mar 2018 — Canadians got new gun licences in 2017 at the slowest pace in at least five years. The rate of increase in buying handguns, AR-15 rifles and other so-called “Restricted” firearms also weakened.

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‘Non-Restricted’ Gun Owners With Expired Licences Now Face Jail

31 Dec 2017 — If you have a “Non-restricted” shotgun or rifle and your gun licence expired more than a month ago, today’s ending of a government amnesty means you risk going to jail, the RCMP said.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Canadian Gunnies, Bribery Edition

23 Dec 2017 — Looking for a Christmas gift for someone who doesn’t have a gun licence? Here are a few ideas for Canadian shooters and hunters. Some of them have strings attached.

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Gun Licences, Handguns and AR-15s Rose to Records in October

5 Dec 2017 — Here’s some bright news on this dark anniversary: The number of Canadians with gun licences rose to a record in October, and individual ownership of handguns and AR-15 rifles climbed by more than 1,000 a week to a new high.

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New Gun Laws Won’t Repeal Grace Period, Goodale’s Office Says

17 Nov 2017 — Canada’s Liberal Party-controlled government won’t repeal the grace period on expired gun licences in its coming package of laws to increase paperwork and restrictions on lawful firearm owners, a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Safety said.

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Expired Gun Licences to Get Six-Month Grace Period From Nov. 30

15 Nov 2017 — Starting Nov. 30, Canadian gun owners will no longer risk going to jail for 10 years on the day our firearm licences expire, as the government adopts a six-month grace period for people who can’t renew on time.

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RCMP Says 1,182 Gun Licences Don’t Have Photos, CCFR Reports

25 May 2017

The RCMP said 1,182 people in Canada have gun licences without photos because of a religious exemption, the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights reported, citing the national police.

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Analysis: RCMP 2016 Commissioner of Firearms Report

18 May 2017

Following is some analysis of the 2016 Commissioner of Firearms Report, which was published today by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and provides a snapshot of Canadian gun licences, registrations and related topics as of Dec. 31, 2016.

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Gun Licences Rise to Record for Second Straight Year in 2016

26 Apr 2017

The number of Canadians with gun licences rose to a record in 2016 for the second consecutive year, as men, women and youth sought firearms for fun, sport, hunting and collecting.

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How Long and How Much for a Gun Licence in Canada?

13 Apr 2017

(Thank you to everyone who reads this and shares it, making it one of the most-read articles on this website. Thank you also for the coffee money. (See at bottom.)) — Fodollah (his username on Reddit) of Toronto got his gun licence this week after roughly four months and almost $500. Congratulations! asked him for…

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Ontario to Train 35-40 New Gun-Safety Instructors in 2017, 2018

8 Feb 2017

Ontario plans to train 35 to 40 new firearms-safety instructors this year and next out of hundreds of potential applicants, as the province seeks to balance the availability of teachers with demand by students wanting to own guns.

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Missing CFSC Exam Results Block Gun Licences in Ontario

8 Dec 2016

The organization that stamps Canadian Firearms Safety Course exams in Ontario said half the tests passed in July and August weren’t processed because of an office mistake, blocking hundreds of people from applying for their gun licences. (See update below.)

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Canadian Firearms Safety Course Handbooks, Latest Edition (2014)

17 Nov 2016

The Canadian Firearms Safety Course student handbooks are essential reading for anyone taking the mandatory courses to get a gun licence, and a useful reference for all shooters in Canada.

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New Gun Licences Rise by the Most in at Least 8 Years

29 Oct 2016

Great news for the Canadian gun community: 2016 is on course for the biggest increase in gun licences since at least 2009, as men, women and youth seek firearms for recreation, competition, hunting and collecting.

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Montreal, Calgary Lead Five Biggest Cities in Number of Shooters

24 Sep 2016

Montreal has the highest number of licensed shooters among Canada’s five-biggest cities, but you’re most likely to bump into a gun lover in Calgary.

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