‘Ammonopoly’ by Globe and Mail Dives Into History of Ammo Supply

16 Jul 2018 — The Globe and Mail’s article today exploring General Dynamics Corp.’s monopoly supplying firearm ammunition to the Canadian military and federal agencies dives into defence purchases and industrial history.

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Firearms Outlet Canada Plans First Tactical-Competitive Gun Show

15 Feb 2018 — Firearms Outlet Canada Inc. said today it’s organizing the country’s first Tactical & Competitive Shooting Sports Show for shooters and the general public to learn about guns and gear.

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Q&A With Tenda’s Steve Kuang: Low Prices Attract New Shooters

14 Feb 2018 — Tenda Canada Inc., an online gun store, says it aims to keep prices low to attract new people to the shooting sports. Industry experts estimate the company has grown so fast that it’s now one of the country’s top firearm retailers. But some suppliers say they’ve stopped deliveries over how Tenda does business.…

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Canadian Tire Expects ‘Flat’ Hunting-Gear Market This Year

8 Feb 2018 — Canadian Tire Corp., one of the country’s biggest retailers of hunting and shooting supplies and a barometer for the industry, said it expects demand for hunting gear to be “flat” this year.

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M+M CEO Considered Pulling M10X Rifle From Canada After Brouhaha

8 Nov 2017 — M+M Industries Inc. came close to aborting plans to offer its M10X rifle in Canada after a storm of confusion about the seller and price, Chief Executive Officer Mike Meier said. The discord has overshadowed enthusiasm about the gun and poisoned relations among companies, unleashed a wave of anger by shooters and prompted…

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How Much Does a Gun Cost in Canada?

5 Nov 2017 — Factoid: The average price of a gun in Canada is $564, based on official statistics and some assumptions. That information and the rest of this article won’t help you budget your next purchase or the cost of getting into shooting or hunting. It probably won’t help you with anything at all, unless you enjoy…

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Gun Market Is ‘Fractured’ as Alberta, B.C. Slump, Ontario Steady

4 Nov 2017 — This is a “very fractured year” for Canada’s gun market, Wes Winkel, the president of the country’s main industry group, said after hearing from executives this week.

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Gun Imports Rise in Choppy Year to 2nd-Highest Level on Record

3 Nov 2017 — Canadian gun imports jumped in the first nine months of the year to the second-highest level on record, in a turbulent period that saw shipments surge before a planned legal change, and then plunge. The gains were driven by shotguns from Italy, rifles from Finland and handguns from Austria.

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Bass Pro to Wolverine Supplies: Canada’s Top Gun Importers 2016

1 Nov 2017

Following is a list of Canada’s biggest gun importers in 2016, based on official statistics published two weeks ago.

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Yukon’s Gun Store: Hunters Mean Business Is ‘Really Good’

6 Sep 2017

If you want to talk with Tammy Gabriel, the manager of Yukon’s main gun store, you’d better make an appointment outside of business hours. During my visit to Hougen’s Sportslodge in Whitehorse on the Friday before Labour Day weekend, she kindly agreed to my last-minute request for an interview, but was so busy serving customers…

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A Kijiji for Canadian Gun Owners?

14 Mar 2017

If you ever want to buy or sell a gun in Canada, Andre Perreault hopes you’ll use the website he developed as a Kijiji for firearms:

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Three Questions for Al Flaherty’s Owner Domenic Saverino

7 Dec 2016

Al Flaherty’s Outdoor Store, founded in Toronto during World War II, has grown to become one of Canada’s biggest firearms retailers. It’s also the last remaining gun shop in Canada’s largest city. Pressure on the company and its peers continues to mount. The government is preparing new gun laws, a costly requirement to mark new firearms is…

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