Bill C-21 (Abandoned)

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 April 26

– Alberta Minister of Justice’s Office Elaborates on Plans for New CFO
– Analysis of CityTV’s ‘The Gun Chase’ Video Documentary
– Bill C-21: Legislative Summary in Plain English (PDF)
– CSSA: RCMP Is Still Using ‘Long-Gun Registry’ That Was Ordered Deleted
– Conservative Party Raises Record $8.48 Million in First Quarter
– U.S. Gun-Rights Orgs Cheer Supreme Court Cert of Second Amendment Case

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 April 19

– Blair’s Office Says Estimating Gun-Confiscation Costs ‘Underway’
– Alberta Is in ‘Final Stages’ of Naming New CFO After Law to Block Handgun Bans
– Liberal Budget 2021 Doesn’t Mention Cost of Mass Gun Confiscations
– Conservative MP Blaine Calkins Asks Blair for Cost of Gun Confiscations

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 March 22

– Section 74: Alberta Justice Fradsham Says Crawford Hearing Can Proceed
– Some Mayors Against Bill C-21 Are NOT Our Friends
– Toronto Police Data Show Illegal Shootings Doubling Under Tory, Liberals
– Newmarket, Ontario, Mayor Wants National Handgun Confiscation
– RCMP Warns of Possible Ransomware Attack
– Reader Comment: I Will Not Do Business With Any Business That Helps the Government Destroy Our Guns

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 March 15

– Manitoba Says Bill C-21 ‘Unfairly Targets Legal Firearm Owners’ Names Advisory Group
– CSSA: Liberals to Offer Choice of Gun Destruction, Confiscation or Home Alarm
– CSAAA: Liberals May Be Secretly Setting Up Businesses to Promote Gun Destruction
– Trudeau ‘A Traitor’ Unless Gun Bill Overhauled, Say Families of Polytechnique Victims
– NFA: List of NFA-Endorsed Candidates for Conservative Party National Council

Bill C-21 Is ‘Harmful’ to Olympics, Shooting Federation of Canada Tells Blair — The Shooting Federation of Canada told Minister Bill Blair that his new draft law to criminalize federally licensed gun owners is “harmful” to Olympic and Paralympic disciplines and “will fundamentally choke our sport off at the roots.”

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 February 15

– Trudeau Files Bill C-21 as New Law to Criminalize Gun Owners
– Ontario and Alberta Oppose Bill C-21
– Trudeau Says Feds Will Help Municipalities Criminalize Handgun Owners
– Self-Defence: Supreme Court Hears Peter Khill Appeal in Fatal Shooting
– Gary Mauser: Confiscating Firearms From Lawful Owners Won’t Stop Violence
– Blair Estimates We Paid $1,300 for Our Guns He Wants to Confiscate
– Edward Burlew Files 2nd Section 74 Appeal for Group Fighting ‘Nullifications’
– CACP Police Lobby Wishes Bill C-21 Ordered National Handgun Confiscation