Bill C-21 (Abandoned)

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 April 26

– Alberta Minister of Justice’s Office Elaborates on Plans for New CFO
– Analysis of CityTV’s ‘The Gun Chase’ Video Documentary
– Bill C-21: Legislative Summary in Plain English (PDF)
– CSSA: RCMP Is Still Using ‘Long-Gun Registry’ That Was Ordered Deleted
– Conservative Party Raises Record $8.48 Million in First Quarter
– U.S. Gun-Rights Orgs Cheer Supreme Court Cert of Second Amendment Case

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 April 19

– Blair’s Office Says Estimating Gun-Confiscation Costs ‘Underway’
– Alberta Is in ‘Final Stages’ of Naming New CFO After Law to Block Handgun Bans
– Liberal Budget 2021 Doesn’t Mention Cost of Mass Gun Confiscations
– Conservative MP Blaine Calkins Asks Blair for Cost of Gun Confiscations

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 March 22

– Section 74: Alberta Justice Fradsham Says Crawford Hearing Can Proceed
– Some Mayors Against Bill C-21 Are NOT Our Friends
– Toronto Police Data Show Illegal Shootings Doubling Under Tory, Liberals
– Newmarket, Ontario, Mayor Wants National Handgun Confiscation
– RCMP Warns of Possible Ransomware Attack
– Reader Comment: I Will Not Do Business With Any Business That Helps the Government Destroy Our Guns

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 March 15

– Manitoba Says Bill C-21 ‘Unfairly Targets Legal Firearm Owners’ Names Advisory Group
– CSSA: Liberals to Offer Choice of Gun Destruction, Confiscation or Home Alarm
– CSAAA: Liberals May Be Secretly Setting Up Businesses to Promote Gun Destruction
– Trudeau ‘A Traitor’ Unless Gun Bill Overhauled, Say Families of Polytechnique Victims
– NFA: List of NFA-Endorsed Candidates for Conservative Party National Council

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 February 15

– Trudeau Files Bill C-21 as New Law to Criminalize Gun Owners
– Ontario and Alberta Oppose Bill C-21
– Trudeau Says Feds Will Help Municipalities Criminalize Handgun Owners
– Self-Defence: Supreme Court Hears Peter Khill Appeal in Fatal Shooting
– Gary Mauser: Confiscating Firearms From Lawful Owners Won’t Stop Violence
– Blair Estimates We Paid $1,300 for Our Guns He Wants to Confiscate
– Edward Burlew Files 2nd Section 74 Appeal for Group Fighting ‘Nullifications’
– CACP Police Lobby Wishes Bill C-21 Ordered National Handgun Confiscation