Court Win: Judge Orders Details of RCMP’s ‘Nullifications,’ Says They Are Revocations — The Ontario Superior Court of Justice ordered details of the RCMP’s “nullifications” of firearm registrations and equated them to revocations, a major win for gun owners fighting Trudeau’s attacks begun in May 2020.


Government Won’t Say If It Planned ‘Nullifications’ for May 2020 Attacks — The Canadian government department running the mass criminalization of licensed gun owners since May 2020 declined to say if it intended the “nullification” of our firearm-registration certificates as part of its crackdown.

The response strengthens the view that the RCMP – Canadian Firearms Program invented the tactic, possibly without basis in law or regulation.

Court Win: Judge Sides With Gun Owners, Allows Hearings to Fight Trudeau’s May 2020 Attacks — An Alberta judge today sided with gun owners against the Canadian government, allowing their request for a Section 74 hearing as they fight PM Trudeau’s political attacks begun in May 2020.

Listen to our interview with Greg Dunn, lead lawyer for two of the Section 74 applicants.

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RCMP Q&A on February 26 ‘Nullification’ Notice to 1,865 More Gun Owners — The RCMP comments below on its 26 February 2021 “nullification” notice to 1,865 more gun owners targeted by its May 2020 regulatory attacks, after a “technical issue” led to them being missed last year.

More than 70,000 people have now been notified.

Read our Q&A with the RCMP.

Edward Burlew Files First Section 74 Appeal for Group Fighting ‘Nullifications’

(Update Feb. 19: Adds in last paragraph that Burlew filed second appeal.) — The court fight escalated this week to restore justice for Canadian hunters, farmers and sport shooters and stop the federal government’s and federal police’s regulatory attacks. Edward Burlew, one of the country’s leading firearm lawyers, filed the first court appeal on…

Greg Dunn Q&A After Winning Stark Court Case on ‘Nullification’ — Greg Dunn of Dunn & Associates comments below after winning the first court case for gun owners against the May 1 regulatory attacks by Canada’s governing Liberal Party and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Dunn, based in Calgary, was the lawyer for Ryan Stark in his request to access a Section 74 hearing…

RCMP Sent This Memo to CFOs on Nullification of Gun Registrations — The RCMP, which administers gun users in Canada, sent the following memo to provincial Chief Firearms Officers to explain a new regulatory trap used to criminalize federally licensed firearm owners and confiscate their gear. The undated note from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Canadian Firearms Program describes the surprise nullification of firearm-registration…

New Brunswick Court Says ‘No Jurisdiction’ to Review May 1 Nullifications — A New Brunswick court official said it “has no jurisdiction” to review the federal government’s surprise May 1 nullification of firearm registrations, leaving gun owners looking to assert their legal rights and avoid confiscations and jail.