Liberals Using Bill C-21 to Build ‘False Narrative’ for ‘Cynical Ploy,’ Professor Tells Senate — Canada’s governing Liberals proposed Bill C-21 to construct a “false narrative” as a “cynical ploy” to win re-election, Christian Leuprecht, a professor of political science, told the Senate committee reviewing the draft law.

Alberta CFO Bryant Urges Canada’s Senate to Abandon or Fix ‘Deeply Flawed’ Bill C-21 — Alberta Chief Firearms Officer Teri Bryant urged Canada’s Senate to abandon or amend the federal Liberal Party’s “misguided” and “deeply flawed” Bill C-21, its newest legislative attack against government-licensed gun users.

Watch: CSAAA’s Wes Winkel on 2023 Gun Industry Trends, CSAAA ‘Legends’ (Video) — Watch our conversation with CSAAA President Wes Winkel as he discusses topics including: firearm-market trends market outlook, honouring industry “legends,” and contracting with the Liberals while opposing their gun confiscations.