Canada Gun Rights News: Week of 2024 June 24


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Liberals Wish to Confiscate Every Registered Gun, Again Showing Registration Is Pre-Confiscation

  • 24 June 2024

Government Contracts & Grants

Source: CanadaBuys.caProactive Disclosure

Other Gun Media

CSAAA Announces New Members of Board of Directors

  • Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association
  • 24 June 2024

Other Media/Sources

The World Is In a ‘Pre-Wartime Security Environment,’ Says Canada’s Retiring Chief of Defence

  • National Post, By Michael Higgins
  • 30 June 2024
  • Key Quote: “We are applying peacetime processes and peacetime mentalities to what could be considered a wartime or immediate pre-wartime security environment.”

RCMP 2023 Commissioner of Firearms Report Gets Closer to Publication

  • Briefing Notes
  • 27 May 2024

Liberal OICs to Activate More of Bill C-21 on September 01

  • Government of Canada, Orders in Council
  • 17 June 2024
  • Summary
    1. “Order Fixing September 1, 2024 as the Day on Which Sections 21.2, 26 and 45 of An Act to amend certain Acts and to make certain consequential amendments (firearms) Come into Force”
    2. “Order fixing September 1, 2024, as the day on which certain provisions of An Act to amend certain Acts and to make certain consequential amendments (firearms) COME INTO FORCE in order to bring into force date of the new Criminal Code definition of “firearm part” and consequential amendments to the Criminal Code.”

RCMP CFP Clarifies Slow-Mo Handgun Confiscations

U.S. Government Expands Anti-Gun Campaign, Calling it ‘Public Health Crisis’

  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Surgeon General
  • 24 June 2024
  • Comment: Anti-gun activists around the world have been pushing a new tactic in recent years, expanding their messaging from “public safety” to “public health.”
  • Key Quote: “U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy has issued a landmark Surgeon General’s Advisory on Firearm Violence, declaring firearm violence in America to be a public health crisis. This advisory is the first publication from the Office of the Surgeon General dedicated to this issue, and it outlines the devastating and far-reaching consequences that firearm violence poses to the health and well-being of the country.”