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Blair to Make Proposal on Gun Bans in Coming Weeks, CBC Reports

· 2 min read — Bill Blair, Canada’s minister examining the possible banning of guns from federally licensed hunters and sport shooters, will make a recommendation to cabinet in “coming weeks” after finishing consultations, CBC News reported today, quoting the minster. Blair’s office ...

Post-Truth Politics and Coalition for Gun Control: William Rees

· 9 min read — William Rees, a professor emeritus of planning and human ecology at the University of British Columbia, wrote the ...

‘Tough on Crime’ Policies Won’t Stop Gangs: Jordana Goldlist

· 6 min read — Jordana Goldlist, a gun-rights advocate and criminal-defence lawyer in Toronto, says “getting tough on crime” won’t stop violent ...

’Tis the Day Before Christmas — Gun Ban Edition

· 1 — ’Tis the day before Christmas, and all through the land Every gunnie is watching for any sign of ...

PAL Application Form Written as a Letter (Humour)

· 4 min read — Canadians need a licence authorized by the federal police to legally buy, sell, own or transport any gun, ...

@TheGunBlog What does it say about a gov that passes a law which only punishes the law abiding. We live in strange times.

Je suis d’accord avec le fait que le meilleur moyen de stopper une tuerie, c’est de neutraliser la menace le plus rapidement possible. Et pour donner tous les moyens aux femmes de se protéger et non d’être d’être seulement des victimes... Une autre question? 🤔

PolySeSouvient on Twitter

“Guy Morin exprime son accord à @RadioCanadaInfo avec certaines propositions controversées du lobby américain NRA, comme celle d'armer ...

CBC got a nice scoop yesterday on Canada’s possible new gun bans.

Paragraph 2 suggests guns aren’t 100% banned for Bad Guys, and so new bans are for them.

That’s false.

Any new bans/restrictions would affect *only* Good Guys, not Bad Guys.


It’s a RACE!

Bolt lock /combat reload and a transition.

The drill is to practice what to do when you run out of ammo. You have two options.... Reload or transition.
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