Alberta Expands Actions to Protect Gun Owners From Trudeau’s ‘Increasingly Hostile’ Attacks — Alberta said today it’s expanding measures to protect gun owners from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “increasingly hostile” attacks, further undermining the country’s anti-gun regime.

CSAAA’s Wes Winkel Discusses Bill C-21 Mass Gun Confiscations (Video) — Watch our video conversation with Wes Winkel, the president of the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association (CSAAA), the country’s main group for the firearm industry.

We discuss the mass gun confiscations in Bill C-21 and their impact on Canada’s firearm industry.

Court Win: Judge Orders Details of RCMP’s ‘Nullifications,’ Says They Are Revocations — The Ontario Superior Court of Justice ordered details of the RCMP’s “nullifications” of firearm registrations and equated them to revocations, a major win for gun owners fighting Trudeau’s attacks begun in May 2020.