Blame the User, Not the Tool

I was inspired by a signature line I saw today on, Canada’s main online discussion forum for firearms. “If guns cause crime, then mine are defective.” We’ve got to remember to place responsibility on the user, not the tool. © 2015

Reminder: NDP Favours Gun Registration

“The NDP favours the registration of guns,” Thomas Mulcair, the party leader, said in December 2012, according to an article at the time by Maclean’s magazine. “We would bring back a form of registration.” Canadian gun owners and enthusiasts need to remember that when we elect our next government in October. The Conservative Party of Canada…

‘Stop With This Gun-Control Crap, Because It’s Getting People Killed’ – Colion Noir

Colion Noir’s YouTube rant following last week’s murders and suicide by a shooter in a cinema in Lafayette, Louisiana, is an edgy and compelling recap of why gun laws backfire. This guy is awesome. Smart, poetic, stylish, savvy and provocative.

If Moncton and Ottawa Amateurs Created So Much Chaos, What If We’re Attacked by Professionals?

When we see how a single ill-equipped, untrained and unorganized person can create mayhem across a city and overwhelm police for hours, it’s scary to imagine the chaos that a well-equipped, well-trained and well-organized group could cause.


‘Restricted’ Gun Purchases Plunge to Three-Year Low

The latest figures on firearm registrations paint a bleak picture for the Canadian gun community. We bought the smallest number of “restricted” firearms in three years last quarter, driven by declines in Manitoba, British Columbia and Quebec and a massive slowdown in Alberta. Gun owners across the country registered 4,318 restricted firearms from October to…

I Like Gun Shows, as of Today — I visited a gun show for the first time today, and was surprised by how much I liked it. Beyond the cool guns and gear, it was good to hang out with fellow gun people at the Orangeville Gun & Militaria Show in Orangeville, Ontario. Hundreds of us, all under one roof. That’s…

Princess Patricia Soldiers Get 49 Rounds a Year, HuffPo Says

Soldiers in Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry unit get 49 cartridges per year for training because of cuts to military spending, the Huffington Post said on January 21, citing an unidentified member of the unit. By comparison, civilians can fire 10 times that much ammunition in a single day of training with a private company. SIG Sauer Academy…