About 1% of Canadian Voters Own a Handgun, Globe Reports

25 Nov 2018 — About 1 percent of Canadian voters own a handgun or AR-15 rifle, according to calculations by based on a report today by the Globe and Mail. The relatively low percentage may encourage the governing Liberal Party to push through the new prohibitions it’s considering on civilian handgun ownership. Only 293,000 men and…

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Gun Licences Rise to Record in June After 21 Quarterly Increases

15 Aug 2018 — The number of Canadian men and women with a gun licence rose to a record at the end of June after 21 consecutive quarterly increases. People are applying for the permits to go plinking or hunting with family and friends and to compete in shooting sports across the country and the world.

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RCMP Corrects Website to Say We Can Buy Guns Without Showing PAL

7 Apr 2018

(Check out the Bill C-71 page to see why and how to oppose it.) — The RCMP corrected its web page on buying guns to align with Canadian firearm law and a tweet by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: You don’t have to show your Possession and Acquisition Licence to buy a gun.

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