John Tory Asks for Gun Bans or ‘Repositories’ Across Canada

City TV News Gun Advocate Challenges Tory Editor Nicolas Johnson speaks with CityNews Toronto via Skype on 06 Aug 2018. — Toronto Mayor John Tory officially asked Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ban and confiscate all handguns and all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns from all federally licensed gun owners across the country.

In case a handgun ban fails, Tory requested new federal laws to “create gun repositories” where licensed firearm owners across the country would be forced to store all their rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers.

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RCMP Counts 683 Registered CZ 858/SA Rifles, Reviewing C-71 Info

RCMP CZ 858 Swiss Arms — The RCMP said it has ownership details for 683 legally owned CZ 858 and SAN Swiss Arms rifles, leaving 10,000 to 15,000 other federally licensed owners at risk of instantly becoming criminals without knowing it if the government passes Bill C-71.

Canada’s national police agency also said it’s reviewing its website on the draft law after instructing gun owners to comply with it.

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