Glock Canada’s Cassells Comments on Record 2020, Plans for 2021 — Following are comments by James Cassells, Glock GmbH’s Canadian sales manager, about topics ranging from the Austrian company’s record-high business in Canada in 2020 and plans for 2021 to why police are switching to 9 mm and Cassells’ background with Glock.

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 December 21

Highlights This Week
– Attorney General of Canada Responds in Section 74 Application: PDF
– Attorney General: Over 140 Gun Owners Have Applied for Section 74 Court Hearings to Fight ‘Nullification’
– Liberals Stop Mentioning ‘Grandfathering’ As Confiscation Option
– Liberals Invite Candidates for Next Election
– Calgary Police Say January Shooting Deemed ‘Non-Culpable Homicide’

Alberta CFO Sent This Letter to ATRS Ordering Business Shutdown

(Update Dec. 1: Adds RCMP comment.) — Alberta’s Chief Firearms Office, a unit of Canada’s federal police, ordered Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply to stop making, selling or advertising its rifles, jeopardizing the company’s existence and leading to a lawsuit. Ken Dobie, a firearms officer with the Edmonton-based regulator, signed the three-page letter dated Oct….


Dante Owner Rudy Venditelli Comments on Business, Confiscations — Rudy Venditelli, the owner of Dante Inc., one of Canada’s biggest independent gun stores, comments below on business, the market outlook, and the effects of the governing Liberal Party’s May 1 firearm-confiscation order. edited the interview from a series of e-mail and phone conversations from May until now. Venditelli, who took over…

Black Creek Labs Exits Canada Semi-Auto Rifle Market After Bans — Black Creek Labs Inc. is exiting Canada’s semi-auto rifle market after politicians and police banned the company’s flagship product under mass confiscations to weaken citizens and cripple the firearm industry. Key Quote Black Creek Labs “has made the decision to halt all research, development and manufacturing of semi-automatic rifles made specifically for the…

U.S. Shotgun Exporters Risk Confiscation Under Liberal Ban: NSSF — The trade group for the world’s largest gun industry warned shotgun exporters to Canada they risk confiscation after last week’s surprise bans by the Liberal Party. The U.S. National Shooting Sports Foundation’s “important alert” shows how the prohibitions could batter firearm companies worldwide. In the middle of business on May 1, Prime Minister…

Canada’s Booming Demand for Guns Is Amazing, And Has Drawbacks — We may not like the cause, but the boom in demand for guns from the Covid-19 crisis is doing more for Canada’s firearm industry, gun culture and “gun rights” than anything else in modern times. It also comes with drawbacks, besides the mass death, infection and economic devastation from the virus and the…