Glock Says Canadian Model 19 Coming in January, Price to Drop

Glock 19 Canada Canadian gun firearm
Glock 19 Gen 4 with 106 mm barrel. The Canadian version will be made in U.S.A Source: Glock

Toronto, Dec. 14 (TheGunBlog.ca) — Glock GmbH said the Canadian version of its model 19 pistol will start arriving in January, and that prices will drop next year.

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Q&A With Glock Canada Sales Manager James Cassells

The following is a Q&A with James Cassells, Glock Inc.’s sales manager for Canada.

Cassells joined Austria-based Glock about 5 years ago after more than 30 years with the Toronto Police Service, including 10 years with its SWAT unit, the Emergency Task Force.

TheGunBlog.ca spoke with Cassells by telephone on March 22 about Glock in Canada and the company’s plans to lower prices. (Glock Cuts Pistol Prices in Canada, Leading to Industry Shakeup)

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October 1984: Glock 17 Gets First Review in North America

Glock 17 Soldier of Fortune
The October 1984 cover of Soldier of Fortune magazine.

(TheGunBlog.ca) — This month marks the 32nd anniversary of the first major review in North America of the Glock 17 pistol, one of the world’s most popular handguns.

Peter Kokalis reviewed the polymer-framed firearm in Soldier of Fortune magazine as the U.S. military prepared for the so-called XM9 tests to pick a new handgun.

The article is reprinted below, based on the version found here.

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