Glock Canada Manager Cassells Comments on New Orders, Gun Bans

2 Jan 2019 — Following is an interview with James Cassells, the sales manager for Canada at Austria-based Glock GmbH. He comments on business, products, new police contracts and possible gun bans. Cassells, a former Toronto police officer and SWAT member who developed use-of-force training for the police in the early 1990s, spoke with by telephone…

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Glock’s New G48 Is Its First Pistol Designed to Be Canada Legal

2 Jan 2019

(Update Jan. 05 at 13:15 Toronto time: Adds Al Flaherty’s price and availability.) — Glock GmbH, the maker of the world’s bestselling handgun, designed its new model 48 pistol as its first standard firearm developed specifically to be legal in Canada, one of the company’s largest recurring markets outside the U.S. The single-stack 9 mm…

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Glock Says New 19X Pistol Is Arriving in Canada Next Week

11 Jul 2018 — Glock GmbH, the maker of the world’s bestselling handgun, said the first thousand Canadian versions of its new model 19X pistol will start arriving in Canada next week, en route to sport shooters across the country.

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Glock Says G19 Canadian First Batch Is Sold, Considers 19X Next

16 Mar 2018 — Glock GmbH said its first batch of model 19 pistols made for Canada was bought up by distributors and is heading to stores, in what a retailer described as one of the hottest new handguns in more than a decade. The Austrian company said it plans to make more and is leaning toward…

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Glock Is Considering Model 19 Gen 5 and 19X Pistols for Canada

24 Jan 2018 — Glock GmbH, which is about to ship a special Canadian edition of its model 19 Gen 4 pistol, is considering whether to make similar versions of the model 19 Gen 5 and model 19X.

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Glock 19 Canadian Model: Latest Photos and Specifications

16 Jan 2018 — Here are the latest photos and technical specifications of the Glock 19 Canadian version. The images, provided by the company, show the pistol’s extended barrel and laser-engraved maple leaf. The Canadian edition of the world’s most popular pistol is expected in stores this month.

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Canada’s Police Guns 2018: Blue Line Magazine Survey

17 Dec 2017 — Glock GmbH dominates the market for Canadian police handguns and is attracting agencies faster than any other company, a survey by Blue Line magazine showed. Colt Canada Corp. supplies police with the most AR-15 rifles, and the most-popular police shotgun is the Remington 870.

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Glock Says Canadian Model 19 Coming in January, Price to Drop

14 Dec 2017 — Glock GmbH said the Canadian version of its model 19 pistol will start arriving in January, and that prices will drop next year.

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Glock 19 Canadian Version Coming With Special Barrel, Maple Leaf

17 Sep 2017 — Glock GmbH is designing a special version of its model 19 compact pistol for Canada, with a unique barrel and a laser-engraved maple leaf on the slide.

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Ontario Police Pick Glock 17M as Pistol to Start Service in 2018

16 Jun 2017

The Ontario Provincial Police, Canada’s second-biggest police agency, picked the Glock 17M pistol in 9 mm to replace the SIG Sauer P229, becoming the country’s first major department to adopt the new handgun of the FBI.

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Glock to Supply Ontario Police With Pistol to Replace SIG P229

13 Jun 2017

Glock GmbH, which makes pistols used by 80 percent of police departments in Canada, won a contract to supply a new handgun to the Ontario Provincial Police, replacing the SIG Sauer P229 after almost a quarter century of use.

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Q&A With Glock Canada Sales Manager James Cassells

24 Mar 2017

The following is a Q&A with James Cassells, Glock Inc.’s sales manager for Canada. Cassells joined Austria-based Glock about 5 years ago after more than 30 years with the Toronto Police Service, including 10 years with its SWAT unit, the Emergency Task Force. spoke with Cassells by telephone on March 22 about Glock in Canada…

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Glock Cuts Pistol Prices in Canada, Leading to Industry Shakeup

23 Mar 2017 — Glock Inc. cut the prices of its pistols in Canada by about $100, boosting their appeal for buyers and leading to a shakeup in the firearms industry.

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October 1984: Glock 17 Gets First Review in North America

2 Oct 2016

( — This month marks the 32nd anniversary of the first major review in North America of the Glock 17 pistol, one of the world’s most popular handguns. Peter Kokalis reviewed the polymer-framed firearm in Soldier of Fortune magazine as the U.S. military prepared for the so-called XM9 tests to pick a new handgun. The article is reprinted below,…

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