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Bullseye London CEO Patience Q&A on Gun Bans, ‘Urgent’ Expansion

· 4 min read — Bullseye London, a major Canadian independent gun shop, is tripling in size as “very high levels of growth” for firearms, ammo and accessories offset concern over gun bans. The company continues to oppose the governing Liberal Party’s plans ...

Petition Surges to No. 1

The petition to stop Trudeau's confiscation order closed on Feb. 15 with 174,810 signatures, by far the most of any e-petition in Canadian history.

We thank the individuals who initiated it and everyone who signed, especially our readers.


Why do you need guns?

Because I live in such a weak and fragile country that a few dozen protesters can shut it down, and a single amateur attacker can force the government to change the law.

What happens in the next major natural or technological disaster, mass attack, or war?

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