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Nick’s Sports Shop in Toronto to Sell Guns as Mayor Seeks Bans

· 2 min read — Nick’s Sports Shop Ltd. will restart selling handguns at its store on Yonge Street in downtown Toronto to support the shooting community and defy Mayor John Tory’s push for new bans. The plan makes Nick’s the latest firearm store ...

Ed Burlew: A Gun Ban Means Government Has Lost Trust in the RCMP

· 4 min read — Edward Burlew, a leading Canadian firearm lawyer, said any new gun bans by the government would mean it ...

Dear Mayor Tory, Help Police Without Hurting Athletes: Nils Ek

· 2 min read — Nils Ek, a Canadian national pistol competitor, sent the following letter to Toronto Mayor John Tory after the mayor ...

PAL Application Form Written as a Letter (Humour)

· 4 min read — Canadians need a licence authorized by the federal police to legally buy, sell, own or transport any gun, ...

‘Gun Violence’ and Other Phrases Smart Shooters Never Use

· 4 min read — The way we talk about guns shapes our perceptions and politics. Here are 14 expressions that smart shooters ...

It’s nice to be armed.
Even if it’s simply a 9 mm in a holster inside the waistband.

@TheGunBlog Hey Minto, there are 2.2 million of us! We almost all have a significant other = 4.4 million of us. We all have a couple friends whom me have taken shooting and may in the near future become licensed or supportive of our position. Thats 8.8 million! See where this is going??

expands on @AndrewLawton 's exclusive report that Canada's Minto Group bans guns from its apartments, a sign of spreading corporate discrimination against shooters.


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Andrew Lawton@AndrewLawton

Minto bans tenants who are law-abiding and licensed gun owners from having firearms in their apartments, in the name of safety. Except the policy may be less safe.

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