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Coalition for Gun Control Says Handgun Ban ‘Within Our Reach’

· 6 min read — The Canadian Coalition for Gun Control said in a November fundraising letter that it got politicians to toughen a planned law against hunters and sport shooters, and that the government’s possible handgun ban is “within our reach.” The ...

‘Tough on Crime’ Policies Won’t Stop Gangs: Jordana Goldlist

· 6 min read — Jordana Goldlist, a gun-rights advocate and criminal-defence lawyer in Toronto, says “getting tough on crime” won’t stop violent ...

Ed Burlew: A Gun Ban Means Government Has Lost Trust in the RCMP

· 4 min read — Edward Burlew, a leading Canadian firearm lawyer, said any new gun bans by the government would mean it ...

’Tis the Day Before Christmas — Gun Ban Edition

· 1 — ’Tis the day before Christmas, and all through the land Every gunnie is watching for any sign of ...

PAL Application Form Written as a Letter (Humour)

· 4 min read — Canadians need a licence authorized by the federal police to legally buy, sell, own or transport any gun, ...

Québec - Immatriculations armes longues - Répartition Entreprises/Particuliers

Contexte historique ...

Selon le SIAF, Immatriculations au 13 sept 2018:

149,421 (85%) – Particuliers
25,889 (15%) – Entreprises
175,310 (100%) – Total

Mikhaila, my daughter, beneficiary and exponent of the carnivore diet (see, experiencing the recoil of a 50 caliber rifle:

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